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Review: C-Line Products #shopletreviews


Have I mentioned that I LOVE office supplies? If I won $1000 and didn’t have clothes or stuff to buy for the kids, it would all go on office supplies. I love fresh paper, new pens, and bookshelves.. Winking smile

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For those of you who are like ME, or know someone who is an office supply junkie.. Shoplet offers a variety of Office supplies. With the holidays right around the corner.. Think about checking into some of their amazing products!

When Shoplet introduced me to some new C-Line Products, I immediately jumped on it. (You KNEW I would). They ended up sending me 2 products to try out, and I LOVED both of them! They sent the C-line Expanding File with Handles and a C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book.

C-line Expanding File with Handles

The first item I want to tell you about is the C-line Expanding File with Handles. I love it because it looks so professional, stylish, and beautiful yet looks like a briefcase. Having those must-need files aren’t such a problem now.


I love that it looks like a briefcase, until it’s opened up. Then you get to see the 13 expandable pockets that let you keep everything organized. It has a velcro closure to keep everything secure without falling out or being too tightly closed.

It comes with the color coded tab dividers. You can write on them or feed them through your printer, if you don’t have great handwriting. I love that it expands SO much (it can easily hold 300 documents). BUT I can use less documents and keep my tablet inside, so that my documents both electronic and paper are inside.

In my expandable file, you’ll find all my business information. I just went into business with my mom. She bought a local shop and we’ll be doing retail. She put all the money up front, but I am the brains behind the operation. I am going to be keeping up with the tax information, finding all the tax deductions, and keeping the spending down.

SO- it’s great that I can take this with me and have it on hand. Without this, I feel like I would be MUCH less organized when traveling from store to home. The information and documents could become lost, crumpled, or ripped and I definitely don’t need that. This is absolutely the PERFECT size!

BUY IT: You can buy the C-line Expanding File with Handles for only $11.94.

C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book

The next product I was sent was the C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book. This is also something I really really like. Like I said with the expanding file folder- I needed something like this for the new business.

This is for presenting projects, but this will also help business owners. I can now keep track of best-selling items, websites that sell wholesale that I would like to purchase from, and items that have the most profit.


Having stuff I need on hand is absolutely the most important thing. When I can take everything I need with me, it makes the business life SO much easier. I love this because it can fit right inside the expanding file folder, so it’s right there with my other information!

It is VERY durable, so I don’t have to worry about it getting torn up, ripped, or the covers coming off. I love that it has a pocket in the front for extra papers or a to-do list of things printed if necessary.

This has many, many uses. If you aren’t in college or work at a company where you would present something- you could use it in other ways. It could be used for recipes, crafts, or pictures!

BUY IT- You can buy the C-line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book for $3.20

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.

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