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Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: nuNAAT Deep Shampoo & Conditioner, Leave-in Reconstructor, & Intensive Hair Mask


Until last June I hadn’t dyed my hair in more than 4 years. I just left it as it was, same boring brunette/blonde mixture. It’s really weird because it’s lighter in the summer, darker in the winter..

2012-04-03 12.50.282012-04-12 04.54.11

(SEE how healthy it looked?)

This summer, I was really REALLY thinking about dying my hair a really dark brown or black. I ended up getting a free coupon, so I just went for it. Dark Brown with a mixture of a red.

2012-05-31 00.42.35

Then I ended up getting some Jet black and putting low-lights in it. THEN I dyed it again a month later (BRIGHT RED). It ended up blending perfectly with the black to create a deep maroon/black color. I LOVE the color, but I could definitely feel my once silky soft locks turning not so silky!


I was excited when I got a chance to review the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Product line. They ended up sending me 4 items; the Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner, Liquid Keratin Leave-in Reconstructor, & the Intensive Hair Mask.

2012-06-22 18.36.28

This entire Keratin system was beyond brilliant. They all work together to repair cuticles of the hair, repair and reconstruct hair fibers, seal the hair cuticles, restore natural shine and softness, reduces volume and frizz, and to make hair more healthy. ALL of this without any formaldehyde and sodium-chloride!

This is recommended for people who have dyed hair, chemically processed hair, or just overly tired! It works for any and all hair types and is safe for every day use!


The first step is of course the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo has a suitable lather to it. It is concocted with mild surfactants, keratin, and amino acids, which furnishes a deep cleansing without being rough on the hair.  The Conditioner includes keratin and amino acids, which function to decrease frizz and train unruly hair. They left my hair feeling soft, smooth, moisturized, and smelling great!


The second step is the Liquid Keratin Leave-in Reconstructor. This is a non-rinse formula. A considerable amount should be used all over the hair, make sure you rub it in for a minute or so. Blow dry as you normally would and then straighten with a  flat iron to seal the hair cuticles. This causes the keratin to access the hair fibers effortlessly.


The last step is the Intensive Hair Mask. It is rubbed in after your hair has been shampooed for an intensely deep hydration. Let it sit for 10 minutes & then rinse well.

My hair texture has vastly improved, it has definitely done a 180* here. The ends that were beginning to split, are beginning to heal. The brittleness, brokenness, and rough ends are no longer detectable! This is a huge relief to me. I take huge pride in my hair, always have! I didn’t mean to end up coloring it SO much, but I am glad that nuNAAT has helped me out for making those unthinkable choices.

My hair definitely has more shimmer, shine, and luster to it. It was beginning to look dull because it stayed frizzy and unmanageable because I’d been overdoing it. Now it looks like there isn’t a blow dryer, flat iron, and dye job been done on it! I am SO happy with the results. I’ve only been using this for a little over a month!

Although these products have helped my hair regaining it’s natural health, it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I was glad because my hair is naturally oily at the roots anyway. I did want the help, but I didn’t want my hair to look like it hadn’t been washed. Glad to report that it didn’t make my hair look oily in the least little bit! Thumbs up ALL the way around from this way!

Connect with nuNAAT on their website, twitter,

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nuNAAT is available at most Walgreens and Sallys (a store locator by zip code is available on nuNAAT's Facebook page.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


Jessica Renee



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