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Review: October Starlook Starbox

October Starbox

If you’ve never heard of Starlooks Starbox, you’ve been missing out. It is a monthly box that you can buy for $25- but it comes with SO much more than $25. You get 3-4 FULL size bottles of beauty supplies every month you buy a box.


The October Starbox comes with tons of color! I love how they change up the color on the box every month. So it’s not only a surprise INSIDE the box, but outside as well. I loved the little ribbon wrap. After I open the box, I keep it for random stuff (whatever that may be) because the box is as sturdy as it is pretty.


It has a very beautifully colored red/orange lipstick with a very unique name "Masquerade". This is a blood red lipstick with a slight undertone of orange shimmer. It is absolutely spectacular. Since I recently dyed my hair maroon with black lowlights- this lipstick looked amazing on me!



The second item in the box was the Gold Dust Eye pencil. This is a brilliant gold color to it. The only thing is I wish it would glide just a tad bit easier. It was pretty, but I had to press a little harder and go over it 2-3 times.


The next item is the Eye Rock Eye Tattoo. This thing is amazing and beautifully colored. It took about 45 seconds altogether to put on. All I had to do was pop it out of the white paper like attachment, place it on my eye where I want it, and place a wet washcloth on it and wa-lah! Instant beauty!


The Posh/Peddle eyeshadow pigment was my absolutely favorite item in the box. It is such a beautiful bright purple that naturally bring out my green/hazel eyes. I love that it looks so amazing with the gold eyeliner that came in the box.


Everything that came in the box looks stunning together. I love that with each box they send that the items inside go together and can also be beautifully mix-matched with other items we already have!

You can purchase any of the other previous boxes online as well

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.

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