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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: Spibelt

The Original SPIbelt™

Do you exercise outdoors; walking, running, biking, or hiking? DO you have problems toting those small items that you desperately need to carry with you? Little items being cell phone, keys, or energy supplements such as granola bars,

My Nokia Lumia 900 was brand new when I took it on a job with me the first time. I out my headphones on, turned on some Alanis Morrissette and got down to it. While I was jogging though, I quickly realized that with a glass screen, my phone could quickly become NOTHING if I accidentally dropped it.

I wasn’t positive that if I started sweating I could keep a tight grip on it. NOR was I positive that it wouldn’t come clunking out of my hoodie and land smack dab on the pavement. My yoga running pants have no pockets, so that wasn’t an option. People were saying Armbands, but in the summer- that HAS to leave a major tan line.


Not until I heard about the SPIBELT did I feel comfortable running with a $500 smartphone. It arrived VERY quickly. At first glace, I wasn’t so sure that my phone would fit in it though, it looked SO small. AND the Nokia has a 4.3” screen. I was thinking “Keys, yes! Phone, Not so sure”. UNTIL I tried it. I was amazed at how far the fabric on this thing could stretch.


Before I started wearing it- I read what it was all about. They said that I wouldn’t notice it was there. That it wasn’t heavy and didn’t make anything I put in the spibelt jump up and down.

They were exactly right. While I was jogging, I completely forgot that it was there. It wasn’t bumping into my stomach, so I didn’t really feel it at all. There was room for my phone, my keys, and a small pack of gum. I didn’t want too much stuff in there because of the glass screen on my phone. I don’t have a screen protector, so I thought the keys would probably bounce around and scratch the screen, but they didn’t.

The SPIbelt I have is the basic SPIbelt that can be found HERE. They have made some that are targeted towards athletes and need access to energy ge, which is called the Energy Belt. They even have some you can clip on a leash while walking your dog.

If you find yourself needing a small pouch to store your essentials when you run, you should definitely check out the SPIbelt. There is room to attach headphones to an MP3 player or smartphone and still zip the SPIbelt without thinking it’s going to fall out!

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.

Jessica Renee


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