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Friday, November 2, 2012

Simple homemade costume ideas

You do not have to go to the store and buy an expensive ready-made Halloween costume for your young one this year. There are plenty of ways in which you can make such a costume from scratch and in fact that is really the best way to make your child value what he or she wears when trick or treating. If he is old enough you can even have him help make his own costume—that will make it even more precious to him!
I can remember trick or treating as a child over thirty years ago and I can tell you that almost all the costumes I wore were homemade. One of the first things that I remember playing was Max, King of the Wild Things. My mother made me my crown and scepter and for my robe I used her fur mantle. For succeeding Halloweens she would sew my red devil’s costume—and sewing is still one of her favorite pastimes—and my Darth Vader outfit. To play a ghost all I needed was a sheet with holes cut out of it!
Here are some simple homemade costume ideas that you can put to use, which I have taken from an assortment of websites.
Grape cluster
Who would not want to look like a delicious cluster of grapes while trick or treating for something that tastes even more delicious? You will need just four things in order to make this costume:
  • a clear plastic drawstring trash bag
  • a purple leotard or a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt (I personally think that a leotard is preferable)
  • a package of purple balloons
  • a green stocking cap—this will represent the stem
Cut two hole in the bottom and sides of the bag for the neck and arms to go through and put it on over the child’s sweats or leotard. The bag should be drawn, partly closed, around the waist. The next step is to blow up the balloons and stuff them into the bag, which is then drawn fully closed.
Pillow case bunny
Use only cheaper pillow cases to make this costume, the ones that you can afford to dispose of. Three in all will be required—one goes around the neck and arms, with holes cut out for them and bias tape optionally sewn around them to make the holes look “finished.” Cotton balls glued to the back make for a tail. The second case should have a T-shirt knot sewn in each corner to make the ears—no holes are necessary. The hem of the case is rolled inward and tacked into place with a needle and thread to make a casing. Then a piece of elastic should be run through the casing to fasten the ears to the head. As for the third case, that will serve as the child’s candy bag!

Many religious people object to the idea of Halloween as a holiday with essentially pagan elements that is completely out of place in a Christian setting. A priest costume is thus the perfect way for alleviating this dislike. Besides this is one of the simplest that you can make. You need white poster board, a pair of scissors, a hole puncher, string, a black button-down dress shirt, double-sided tape, a black suit jacket or floor-length robe, a pair of black socks and black dress shoes, a cross necklace… and of course a Bible. The poster board is used to cut out a rectangle that will serve as a collar, with the tape being used to hold it in place. The robe is the perfect alternative if you want to have a “classic priest” look.
. As an example, there is an angel costume (number two) that calls for a white dress from the closet, a $39 bird mask and a $9 pair of wings.

As you can see, you do not have to spend a “king’s ransom” in order to look like a king!

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