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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Book Review: Make Me I’m Yours…Jewellery; F&W International



Create your own stunning jewellery items from a selection of over 20 diverse necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Learn various beading and wirework techniques and use your own selection of beads or embellishments for a unique look. Includes projects to suit all styles and abilities, with handy difficulty levels attached to each design.
There are so many fun and inspiring jewelry projects in this book. My mom started making jewelry about 2 years ago, and she let me design a few pieces with her. It was SO much fun. Not only because I was learning a new brand of craft technique but because you get to wear (OR GIVE) these beautiful pieces when you’re done.
The table of contents show you that it starts with Vintage pieces then moves on to Vibrant pieces, and ends with Inspiring pieces.
At the back of the book there are techniques. This shows you everything you need to know about beads, findings, string, wires, glues, and more! It’s an amazing book!
Starting out as a beginner jewelry making it was extremely helpful to me to have the techniques in the back. It starts out with bead shapes and the different types of beads. Showing the different types of beads and what projects the beads best make.
Then it begins with the different types of findings. Findings are all the little pieces that are generally made of metal. They are used to make and finish jewelry. If you’re a beginner like I am, findings can be extremely confusing at first. This book breaks it down and shows what is needed for what type of jewelry- and what it best.
The String, Wire, and Chain part of this book is also a great help. There are so many different types of strings, chains, and wires that can be made into jewelry. Breaking it down and showing what is what makes it easier to decide what would look best for designing before I begin. It helps me make a decision before actually starting.
Then the tools and glues that are needed before you start your jewelry adventure. I ended up finding all the tools in a jewelry making kit at walmart for $15. They are very high quality too, I love that I found them all together.
On making the Jewelry:
I love that it not only explains it in detailed wording, but it also shows every step of the way in pictures. I can’t craft without pictures, because I can’t visualize what to do next without them.
The best part about the pictures and step by step instructions is that it is getting you ready to go off on your own (in the jewelry making world). You can take the different pieces and create something totally different than what is shown, just using the same techniques.
For instance- take the necklace in the picture above. Instead of using the neutral colored and metal beads- you could switch this up and use beautifully colored glass beads… it’s all in how you look at it.
This book has really inspired me to make some pretty awesome pieces. If you would like to learn how to make jewelry, know how but want some more inspiration, or know someone who would like to learn—this book is absolutely perfect!
BUY IT: You can buy   Make me I'm yours...Jewelry: Over 20 gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings for $14.99 on Amazon
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Jessica Renee


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