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Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Jewelry Ninja- Engravable Ring for Couples


Do you what I love best about shopping online? Finding great deals, bargains, and free shipping! Why spend countless hours dragging through stores with whining kids who want everything in site? WHY when you can sit down, take a breather, and have it shipped right to your door?

Take that into mind when you’re purchasing jewelry. You can find engagement rings, wedding rings, and anniversary rings. Pearls, Diamonds, and Engravable rings and necklaces. It’s a one stop shop at Jewelry Ninja.

Their trick to getting YOU the most beautiful jewelry at such cheap pricing is that they skip the high paid pricing of advertising, they skip having celebrities promote their jewelry.. they just bring the best prices STRAIGHT to YOU!

If you go to a jewelry retailer you’ll more than likely pay twice the amount you would then if you went straight through Jewelry Ninja. Just try it. Go look around at the selections that jewelry retailers have, check out their prices, then come back and compare to what Jewelry Ninja offers! SAME thing, cheaper prices! SCORE


As a mom to two beautiful kids, I know that moms everywhere (whether they have newborns or adult children) love to sport their children’s name! That’s why I love the huge selection of Posh Mommy Jewelry that they have.

This would be the perfect gift for any woman in your life (including yourself). These pieces are REAL, are engraved the way you want, and with the birthstones that YOU choose. It doesn’t matter if your/their family consists of one little one or 4/5- they have something for everyone.

Posh Mommy Jewelry is being worn by celebrity moms AND dads (they have Posh Daddy Engravable Dog Tags too). They have been featured in magazines and on television shows.. so you could only imagine how many people LOVE their variety and pricing.


Now this trendy mom is sporting it around as well. I ended up choosing a beautiful ring from their couples ring selection. I got the Engravable Ring for Couples. I was SO anticipating it’s arrival in the mail, so you know I was excited when it came within just a couple days AND they offer free shipping.

It came packaged VERY nicely, but I immediately took it out of the box and put it on. I was able to customize it with Jessica & Adam and put our birthstones above our names! I’ve been with Adam 7 years this year and was excited to actually gotten something that expressed that time together!


I have tried and repeatedly tried for over a week to capture the beauty of this ring. If I use the flash, it shines out the diamond. If I don’t use flash, it’s too dark. Moral of the story- I need a new camera. HINT HINT ADAM Winking smile

This has a sterling silver band (which I prefer over gold), and has squared edges to give this ring a beautifully sophisticated, modern look. The ring can be engraved with 2 names and coordinating birthstones. Each name can be a maximum of 8 characters.

My birthstone isn’t turquoise (It’s aquamarine), but I love the simple classic look of turquoise. I love that they can do anything and everything that you ask. They have AMAZING customer service. They are VERY nice and are always striving to make sure that the customer is ALWAYS happy.

I’ve had MANY MANY people that have came into the shop ask me about the ring. They were surprised that it cost as little as it did. They were figuring that the cost was at least $200. NOPE, not even close!

BUY IT: You can buy the Engravable Ring for Couples for only $109


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Jessica Renee


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