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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: The Palm Gifts- Monogrammed Gifts


I am so in love with personalized gifts. There is really nothing like adding a personal touch to everyday items. They are the best thing you can give and receive.

The difficulty getting the perfect personalized products is that they can be a bit pricey on the pocket. Having so many people to think about throughout the year is always on my mind. That’s the reason that I try and start shopping right after Christmas. That way I don’t have to think about everything RIGHT before Christmas.

Buying something inexpensive yet classy is always on my list. When I can find something so amazing yet doesn’t break the bank is right up my alley. The Palm Gifts has everything you could ever want in a monogrammed item.

They sent me 2 items for review, and I loved both of them. They sent me their Preppy Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag and their Soft Cashmere Feel Monogrammed Scarves.

The Cosmetic Bag


I loved that they had so many color options available for both the bag and the ribbon that come on the bag. I ended up getting my absolute favorite color of course; lime green for the bag base. Then for the monogram I ended up getting a light blue with a light blue ribbon and lime green dots.

With this you can choose to add your entire name, initial, or initials. I chose to do my initials JRB. I love how they do it J B R with the B being more prominent. I even got to choose the font of the monogram, which I love.

When it came in the mail it was packaged so beautifully. It was wrapped in plastic to keep it safe in case the package got wet. The plastic was wrapped with blue and green ribbon (matching the cosmetic bag), and The Palm Gift card at the top. It was true beauty in a bag.! I loved it!!

The quality of this bag for the price (under $20) was simply amazing. The letters are on the bag absolutely perfect. There are no stitches messed up or peeling. Everything was and still is gorgeous.

The inside of the bag feels plastic coated, so that in case your makeup spills it won’t ruin your bag. All you have to do is wash it out with a warm soapy washcloth and it’s like new. There is an inside pocket to store a small mirror or something. It zips all the way around so there isn’t room for anything to fall out.

It is the perfect size to put in a suitcase or duffle bag for on the go. I loved te bag!

Bag Color Options


Ribbon Options


Font Options


Thread Options for the Monogram


Buy It: You can buy the Preppy Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag for $18.95

The Scarf


I was looking for a scarf that wasn’t only warm but pretty as well. I loved this one from the very beginning. It came wrapped in plastic wrap for protection and green/black ribbons across the top. I love how they wrap everything with ribbons that match the color of the product! SO unique and such an amazing gift to give.

I immediately took this out of the package and wrapped it around myself. It was so soft and cuddly, did I mention warm? I loved how warm it was! It goes so well with every single thing I wear. It looks amazing with casual wear (i.e. jeans, boots, and a hoodie) and it looks amazing with dresses or office clothing. Can’t beat that.

I had to choose black with the lime green lettering, of course! I couldn’t have been more happy with the quality if it were wrapped in a million bucks! It feels so amazingly soft around my neck and keeps me warm when I wait for my son to get off the bus in the afternoons.


BUY IT: You cab buy the Soft Cashmere Feel Monogrammed Scarves. for $20

You can also connect with them on Facebook 



Jessica Renee


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