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Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Review: Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Face Lotion


I have said this over and over, but there is NOTHING better than Acure Organics on the market today. They are hands down the absolute BEST thing since sliced bread! They sell absolutely everything you need to look and feel your best.

Whether it’s shampoo or conditioner (they even sell dry shampoo and leave in conditioner), lotions, night and day creams, serums, wrinkle protection, body wash.. and more!

Their packaging is SO beautiful, each product has a different color/design on it—and they even write funny little statements on the back of the products!

The Radical Resurfacing Face Lotion comes in a clear glass bottle with dark and light blue swirls on the side. It also comes with a twist/turn pump top. You can turn it right to lock it, left to unlock it.

This makes it so much easier on me. Not only can I take it with me if I stay the night somewhere other than my home—but my daughter likes to try and sneak into stuff that she isn’t allowed to. I can lock the top and she can’t squirt it everywhere!


This is a thin white lotion that smells absolutely delicious! It reminds me of Lemon Tart or something! YUM! It sinks RIGHT in my skin, without leaving my face oily or greasy!

This should definitely be called a serum rather than a lotion. Serums are more lightweight and more effective than lotions because of their structure build. They are built to easily sink into the skin and work at a quicker pace. This definitely does both! AND serums work well under another moisturizer and makeup, and this does that as well.

You can use this day or night OR both. I have been using this in both my morning and night time cleaning and moisturizing routine on a daily basis. It is very lightweight and feels amazing on my skin even during the day.

It isn’t heavy like a regular moisturizer would be.. it even goes on under makeup really well. The Radical Resurfacing Face Lotion is made to even and smooth the skin tone.

When I was 15, I fell against a dresser and hit my right eye- which left a scar. Since I’ve been using this, I’ve noticed the scar has slightly faded over time.  It also helps with red spots, dark spots, and old acne scars.

I have noticed a HUGE difference in the size of my pores. Usually they are GIANT, especially on my nose (WHICH I hate).. but using this twice a day on a daily basis as really helped them to diminish in size and stay clear from blackheads!

It helps to fight blotchiness, spots, and hyperpigmentation. I’ve been tanning a lot since January and the tanning bed is supposed to clear up your skin. (It did clear up my Keratosis Pilarsis) but it was giving me sweat bumps on my jawline all the way up to my earlobes.

Since I’ve been using this, it has kept the sweat bumps at bay. I don’t have to scrub with a glycolic cleanser every night (because it WASN’T acne) but I thought maybe it’d help.

This has definitely worked well on clearing up my skin tone, toning up my skin, and making it SO soft! You can use this as a spot treatment, but I’ve been using 1- 1 1/2 pumps each morning and night after exfoliating, cleaning, and using a spray toner.. and it has worked wonders!

During the day, I don’t have to use another moisturizer (now that’s it’s spring) I did in the winter because my skin was drier. It’s just enough moisture for the day for me though, because I have naturally oily skin.

Those that don’t however could get away with adding another day moisturizer and then putting on your makeup. At night it’s the same routine except I use this under a night cream as well. I LOVE the smell of the lemons.. so fresh and invigorating!!

This is an amazing facial lotion, and if YOU have any issues with your skin tone or texture this is FOR YOU! It’s cheap, lightweight, and smells incredible! One bottle lasts quite awhile too.

  • Restores balance and surface tone to skin
  • Feeds and restores cells
  • Protects against free radical damage
  • Improves skin texture and tone without photosensitivity
  • Great for all skin types
  • Paraben free, Vegan, Gluten free, Synthetic fragrance free, Silicone free, Phthalate free
  • Fair trade certified ingredients

Buy IT: You can buy the Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Cream for $19.99

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Jessica Renee


This post was written by:

Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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