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Monday, April 1, 2013

Cute Car Accessories for Mom


Car accessories add a little something extra for the car, especially for a mom who wants her personality to show through in the car that she drives. If you are a mom who happens to be looking for ways to spice things up a bit and add something extra to your car, you may not have realized truly how many different accessories are available. Regardless of your preference and personality, you will have no problem finding the best accessories for your car.

Animal Print Steering Wheel Covers

If you are a fan of animal print, whether your favorite is leopard, zebra, or even giraffe print, you can get soft and comfortable animal print steering wheel covers. What better way to add something extra to your car than to add comfort and style all in one shot? These steering wheel covers are usually available at stores that specialize in auto products, and they are also quite affordable. Everyone will get an idea of your feisty personality with these steering wheel covers. There are also matching seat covers that you can get to match with your steering wheel cover.

Flags for All Occasions

Flags are also a good accessory to add to just about any car. You can choose from all sorts of assorted cute flags, including American flags and flags that may represent other countries. Aside from country flags, there are also flags that support different colleges, schools, and beliefs. You can show people a different side of your personality by adding a flag for any occasion to your car.

Eyelash Car Stickers

Want your car to look as beautiful as you do? Why not buy eyelash car stickers that can be placed on the front headlights of the car. These stickers look like the real deal and people will literally be laughing out loud when they see how feminine your car looks with its eyelashes. If you are a woman who loves every aspect of makeup, including mascara and those fake eyelashes, you might want to give your prized possession some fake eyelashes as well. These stickers are easy to find, both in auto stores and online, and they are really cheap. Most of these kinds of stickers will cost only around $7.

Personalized Stick Figure Family

You may have seen them before on the back of other cars and you can get one too. The personalized stick figure family allows you to show off the members of your family on the back of your car. Your little creation may show you and your partner, along with your children and any household pets that you all have. The stick figure family stickers for cars have been popular for quite some time now and it seems like the trend is not dying down any time soon. It is a great sticker accessory to have for your car and they are also real affordable.

As you can tell, there are plenty of cute and cool car accessories for mom. It is not hard to find these accessories either. With these accessories, you can completely update the appearance of your car and give it more of a personality that represents who you are as a person. Your car will look even better and you can feel proud while driving around in it.


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