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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review: Acure Moroccan Argan Oil & Stem Cell Shampoo


Out of all the natural shampoo’s I’ve tried, Acure Organics is the best of the best. Most natural shampoo’s do NOT lather very well. They seem to feel like I’m washing my hair in gel. Sure they have all natural ingredients, but I don’t feel like my hair is CLEAN after washing with them. Acure shampoo’s lather AND have natural ingredients!

The Moroccan OIl and Argan Stem Cell Shampoo is absolutely AMAZING. I have straight, medium, and (more) oily hair. I have to be careful what I use because the next morning when I wake up (depending on the product) – sometimes my hair would look like I never washed it at all.

It will look weighed down and absolutely gross. With this shampoo- I can wash AND condition (with Acure Lemongrass Conditioner) and still wake up the next morning with my hair still smelling like I just stepped out of the shower!

I let my mom try some because she was always complaining that her hair was limp and lifeless. She wanted it to look more healthy and vibrant. Just the small amount I gave her (enough for about 3-4 washes) she said her hair had took a 180* turn. She said it looked healthier, shinier, and it lasted all day.

Argan oil is a marvelous protectant and treatment. (It’s awesome for the body too.) I love that Acure has added this ingredient in just about every product they make.

The benefits:

*It hydrates in a natural way (hence why it doesn’t make my hair look oily the next day).

*It efficiently stops the roughness, dryness, and breaking of hair and hair cuticles.

*Helps the growth of hair.

*It forces itself through the hair shaft and pores to heal and protect the hair, while enhancing the elasticity.

*Makes uncontrollable and unmanageable hair smoother and easier to manage.

*Has natural antioxidants that strengthen the hair and repairs damage.

*Has Vitamin E- which is a natural hair treatment (so you aren’t having to use extra protectants)'

*It is non-greasy, and adds natural moisture to the hair and locks in it—so your hair isn’t frizzy by the end of the day!

*Color treated hair can become very dry, brittle, and can start to crack overtime—Argan Oil restores the luster, shine, and healthiness that coloring the hair will take away. It also increases the life of you hair!

I LOVE this shampoo and will be purchasing more (AND the conditioner to go with it).

I absolutely love the packaging of all Acure products too! They are all designed differently, and very beautiful!

BUY IT:  The Moroccan Argan OIl & Stem Cell Shampoo for $10.99



Jessica Renee


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