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Review: Enjoy Hair- Straightening Balm & Shine and Smooth Gel




The Straightening Balm


The Straightening Balm amazing because it works on even the most difficult hair. It helps make curly or coarse hair manageable, soft, and smooth. After shampooing and conditioning apply the straightening gel throughout damp hair and blow-dry. Style as usual & follow with the shine and smooth gel.

My Review*

I’m a true supporter of Enjoy products. Not only are they a dependable company with high quality products but they last a very long time too. I have straight hair anyway, but I like to add straightening products as well as a flat iron to get the kinks out and reduce the frizz that happens if I don’t use any products.

Enjoy products always smell amazing AND they are very effective. It is extremely smoothing and flattening without feeling gunky, oily, or building up junk in your hair. I love that it makes my hair extremely soft and smells amazing. Most styling products don’t smell so great.. and it overpowers shampoo and conditioner—so all you smell is the smell of the styling products. Having something that smells great is extra plus!

My hair is sleek, smooth, and holds nicely without frizz all day. The bottle is humungous so you get a lot of product (which will last quite a long time). I didn’t have to use very much at all to tame my hair!

It has a gel-like consistency and absorbs very quickly into my hair! I love that it doesn’t take awhile for it to really “get inside” the strands. I can put this on my damp hair and blow-dry it and I’m ready to go. No more hot irons AND blow-dryers at the same time!

It has a purple tint and a push-down top. I love the push down tops that all Enjoy products have. It makes it so much easier to throw in an overnight bag and take with me. I don’ have to worry about the bottle coming open and spilling inside my bag.

Buy It: You can buy the Enjoy Straightening Balm @ Sleek Hair for $17.49 for 10 oz.

The Shine & Smooth Gel


This is a small bottle (only 4 ounces) but it comes with a lot of bang. I only need to use a VERY small amount (less than a dime size) to get the desired smoothness!

I have tried a TON of smoothing creams, gels, and serums in my day and most of them left my hair weighted down and VERY oily looking. I want to have smooth hair, but I definitely don’t want my hair to look like I could fry an egg on top of it.

That’s one of the reasons I love this product so much. It smells amazing and NEVER makes my hair look oily or greasy. It gives the desired smoothness without weighing it down or making my hair smell horrible.

I blow-dry and straighten my hair almost daily, and I can see a big difference in the damage department from using this product. It seems to keep the damage at bay by wrapping it in little silk bubbles. Winking smile

I love how soft and silky my hair is. I can style it afterwards and it is still absolutely FRIZZ FREE! Even when I let my hair air dry (which makes it 10x more frizzier) and then put this in my hair—I feel like one of those girls from a Pantene commercial..

Free flowing, gorgeous, manageable hair that isn’t overdone with slime and/or oil!

BUY IT: You can buy the

Enjoy Shine & Smooth Gel

for $14.19



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