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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Kleenslate Dry Erase Paddles Makes Learning FUN!


My son Aidan started Kindergarten this year. When he began in August, he was having problems with his Alphabet and Numbers.He knew some of them, but he didn’t know ALL of them and couldn’t write them in order. I was on the lookout for something that would help not only him but ME (to teach him) as well.

I needed to make learning FUN for him, so that he would pay attention for a longer period of time. We were using a ton of paper, and I was also looking for a way to cut the slack on that.

Kleenslate was perfect for both! It made learning more fun and interactive for him, and it saves on paper. OF course my 4 year old daughter wanted to get in on the writing action too (she loves to write and draw).

I could sit down with both of them and write the letters in a dotted like manner with a lighter color marker and then have them trace it with a darker color of their choice.

I loved how quickly I seen improvement in his ability to write and know letters and numbers. Within a short amount of time he knew all his alphabet and even the letter sounds. He was SO proud when he brought home awards for both (AND toys from the prizebox!).


It really helped that on one side is a dotted line (Just like the Kindergarten paper in school), and on the other side was just blank. SO- I could write an uppercase letter on one line and the lowercase on the next. He loved it because he could just erase it (with the dry eraser on the tip of the marker) if he messed up. Quick and easy for him, and a delight for me because he didn’t get frustrated if he messed up.


I loved how innovative they are. They come in many different colors (and have many color markers to use as well). The markers are very high quality, which is definitely needed when working with small kids. They tend to push hard on the market therefore causing the tip to push in. These have stood up to the test of time with 2 small kids!

  • Double-sided. Not all dry erase boards are double-sided. But I like that the Kleen Slate paddles feature two sides. It gives me more options without having more boards.
  • Custom surface options. This is my absolute favorite feature! I have never seen it on another dry erase product. Kleen Slate features peel-n-stick dry erase replacement surfaces. This means I can just replace the surface rather than buy a brand new board! I can also change the type of surface! They have blank, handwriting lines, graph paper, music lines, and even Venn diagrams!
  • Attachable markers. If you  have kids you know how easily things are lost. This is true in the classroom too! I love that the Kleen Slate paddles have a place to store the marker right on the paddle.
  • Kid Friendly Dry Erase Markers. The Kleen Slate markers are non-toxic and have an eraser cap! They are also low odor and the points don’t push in. They are absolutely perfect for the classroom and come in a rainbow of colors!

You can learn more about Kleen Slate products by visiting them on Facebook and following on Twitter @KleenSlate01!

Buy It: You can Buy 2 Kleenslate rectangle paddles for $15.99



Jessica Renee


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