Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Victoria USA Inglesa Elastico Shoe


There are currently 12 colors in the amazing line of Victoria USA shoes for women. I am ecstatic to be one of the first to own a pair. I’ve been sporting mine for over a month, and LOVE them.


There were many beautiful colors available, but I chose to get the Blanco (white) shoes. These are absolutely amazing shoes! image

They are VERY comfortable. I usually have to get an 8 1/2 wide because my feet feel squished inside a regular sized shoe. Not with this one. The size is extra forgiving, allowing room for my feet to spread without feeling like the sides are pressing in on my feet or toes.

I love the way they are structured. They look amazing, stylish, and are very versatile. They can be worn with anything and everything. Whether I’m wearing jeans, capri’s, dress pants, or shorts—these totally rock the outfit OUT!


The quality of these babies are TOP notch. I love how thick the rubber soles are. They aren’t SO thick that I feel like I’ve grown an entire inch while wearing them, but I can’t feel gravel or anything when walking in them (which is the exact thickness I like).


They are the perfect spring and winter shoes a girl could ask for. They do NOT require a shoelace, although it looks like they do.. Just cool production of the product. Winking smile


They actually have a spandex insert where the tongue of the shoe should be, which allows you to slip your foot in AND holds your shoes to your feet so they don’t fall off.


I love that I don’t have to wear socks with them. Who wants to wear socks in the summer when it’s 95 degrees and you’re already sweating like crazy? NOT me, which is why they make the perfect spring and summer shoes.

Most shoes take a little breaking in for me to feel comfortable wearing, but not these. I didn’t have to break these in. They were comfortable RIGHT out of the box, which is very rare! AND the best thing is that they are totally washable. They can be thrown in with a regular load (or with whites- since mine were white) AND dried in the dryer without shrinking. OR you can always put them on top of the dryer to air-dry!

AWESOME concept! Love everything about these shoes.


I TOTALLY want these in orange (naranja)!

Get YOURS: You can buy the Victoria USA Inglesa Elastico in a variety of color for only $55.



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