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Toy Review: WonderMind Educational Kits for Toddlers & Kids


Teaching kids to tell time can be a very daunting task, however it is necessary. They need to know their schedules, especially when they start school. Aidan started Kindergarten this year, and has been fascinated with telling time all year. Adisyn is 4- and follows and learns from him.

Aidan knows and can read his  numbers on a digital clock—which is what most of them are in our home. Phones, computer, microwave, and alarm clocks. However, non-digital clocks are a totally different story.


WonderMind is a complete five-piece interactive learning system designed to work together to help preschoolers and kindergartens learn how to tell time.

Included are 5-pieces; Wonder and Discover Theater DVD, Wonder and Discovery Picture Book, Discovery Workbook, Tick-Tocks Talking Toy Clock and a parenting guide.

You start out with the 20 minute DVD, which includes 10 different elements such as grammar, counting, time, and more. The chapters are short, so the kids really enjoyed them and stayed entertained with the  interactive telling time activities.


The picture book has chapters that center on what they had just watched in the DVD. They are very informational stories with big, bright, colorful pictures that show what the story is talking about.

Aidan and Adisyn really enjoyed looking at the “What’s in the Oven” part of the book. It shows about baking bread and how certain foods are made from other foods. Such as Pizza Crust and Spaghetti are both made from flour… It amazed them! Winking smile


Then there’s the workbook. It shows how to use tick-tock, which is the interactive talking clock that comes with it. Then it goes into “story-time” where they visit tick-tocks house.


Before getting Wondermind, Aidan didn’t know how to tell time. Now he can tell you which is the long hand, the short hand, and most of the time tell me what time it is. He still has problems after 30 (such as 12:31) because he can only count to 30. BUT we have made some serious progress!!

Aidan and Adisyn both loved playing with the clock and learning the different parts of a clock. It has certainly made telling time more fun for them. Very interactive which holds their attention for a longer period of time.

The two colored clock hands made it so much easier for  my children to understand “long and short” hands and the clock even comes with a timer and quiz button.

The workbook helps along with the clock, not only to tell time but other certain things they may need to know. It helps to show them the right way to hold a pencil, whether they are right or left handed and how to write with it.

It helps that the workbook comes with reward stickers (YAY) and the timer on the clock can be set from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. Kids have very short attention spans and when you try to make them sit for a long time period learning something—they aren’t going to retain that information for very long.

This helps them grasp “time management”.. so they know we work on the book for 10 minutes a day, almost every day. That way they can actually tell how long 10 minutes is!

At only $29.99 plus a 30-day money back guarantee it is affordable and comes with a ton of activities to help children learn the importance of telling time!

For more information on the kit we reviewed or the toddler kit visit www.wondermindkids.com



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