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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Beauty Review: Maddyloo Mini Heart Box: No-crease Hair Ties


The Maddyloo no-crease hair ties are the cutest solution for pulling your hair back with enough elastic to keep a ponytail in place, but wide enough to not leave a dent. From camouflage and metallic to rhinestone and tie dyed, Maddyloo has found a way to marry function with beautiful eye (or wrist) candy. 

This Mother's Day, Maddyloo has created the perfect gift for that someone special on your list with their Mini Heart Box.  Available in fourteen different color themes, each adorable heart-shaped box contains seven hair ties guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat.

This Mother's Day, show your mom, a mom you know (i.e. best friend, sister, or aunt) or just someone you care about how much you love her with a Maddyloo Mini Heart Box.


I ended up getting the Silver Orchid Mini Heart Box, which I love. I really loved the variety of color and textures. There are metallic glitter, matte, and even on with a beautiful sparkling bead.


I have long layered hair, and even though I like to straighten it and wear it down- it always ends up in a ponytail before the days over. Being a mom means washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning the house. I can’t do it properly If my hair is swinging down in my eyes all the time.

Usually I just throw it up in a messy do so that I can just take it back down when I need to. BUT—you know how it is. When you take your hair down and you’ve been wearing a tight ponytail it leaves creases in your hair.

I wear ponytails while in the tanning bed.. and still had to put up with the creases. So I’d have to keep my hair up until I got home and could re-straighten the bumps in it.

That’s the reason I love the Maddyloo hair ties so much. When I need to get stuff done around the house or jump in the tanning bed- I can throw my hair up in these pretty little ties and when I take it down there’s no bump!

They don’t pull my hair too tightly which is another plus. Some end up pulling my hair so tightly that it ends up giving me a headache after awhile. These don’t! They hold the hair just right!


AND they don’t wear thin like these do! I hate when I’m wearing these and they’ve worn thin. They end up breaking all the way and if I can’t find another hair tie at the moment I go into a panic!


These are my absolutely favorite! There was ONE in the box I received, and I LOVE how decorative it is! I can wear all of them as bracelets when I’m wearing my hair down, but these look like REALLY like a bracelet!

The Maddyloo Mini Heart Box is available for $15 in the following collections online at www.maddyloo.com.

Black Cherry • Chocolate Kiss • Cosmic Blue • Emerald City Gum Drop • Kiss & Tell • Lady Bug • Mermaid • Pink Ice Pirate Love • Safari • Silver Orchid • Sweet 16 • Summer Lovin'

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