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Beauty Review: Tweezerman Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors & Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates

Tweezerman SoleMates

Summer is already upon us, and those winter feet have got to GO! I don’t know about you but in the summer my feet get really dry, itchy, and very flaky. I hate it. I’m glad that it’s the month we wear long socks and fur boots! Hide that hideousness!


But now that summer is here, flip flops, sandals, and open back heels and wedges are upon us! There isn’t a woman on earth who wants to be caught with dry, flaky feet! My dry skin is bad between and around my toes, my heel, and the outer edges of my feet.

What can you do about it though? Are there products that are easy to use, and don’t take much time to accomplish the soft, beautiful feet we all wish we had during the spring and summer months?

Of course- Tweezerman has done it ONCE again! They have came out with a very easy to use, colorful & pretty, foot file. It’s so small, modern, and has brilliant packaging (it looks like an eyeglass case).


The one I got is hot pink/white modern square design on one side and on the other side is white with hot pink letters. The case has magnets in it, so all you have to do is put the two sides together and they automatically attach.


There are two sides to the foot file when you open it up. The grater side and the bumpy  buffer side. I love how they fit so closely together, have color inside the case, and is easy to use. I love how modern it looks.

The best time to use this is right after taking a hot bath. The skin on your feet is much softer. The hardened skin has soaked up the hot water and it’s easier to maintain and scrape the dead, roughed skin off.

If you want to maintain soft skin throughout the day, you can always apply a really moisturizing lotion and then use this. Give the lotion about a minute to really soak into the skin before buffing and grating.


This is the buffer side. I always use this first to scrape up the dead skin and buffer it off. It works like a dream. As you can see in the picture it has little metal pieces that smooth the skin that has dried up, died, and gotten rough.


This is the grater side (as I call it). It looks just like a cheese grater and works much like one. You scrape this over your feet, and dig it in as hard as you can on your softened skin (Hot water+ lotion).

I’ve used many MANY different grater type foot scrubbers that claim to scrape the dead skin off to reveal soft, touchable feet. Did they work? Not really. The graters on them weren’t that pronounced, it didn’t really scrape that much skin off, AND there wasn’t an easy way to pop them open afterward to dump the dead skin and clean it out.


That’s the reason I love Tweezerman and all their products though. This is the best foot file/buffer/dead skin remover EVER! You see where my finger is in the first (top) picture? If you flick that piece up, it pops the grater out and reveals what’s inside.

The second picture (bottom) shows the dead skin mixed with lotion that came off my feet. This was scrubbing for only about 30 seconds, I didn’t want to show ALL my dead skin (gross!). It’s easy to clean and easy to pop back into place! A+


Not only that, but that SAME piece gives me the leverage I need to really scrub that dead skin away. Usually on other foot scrubbers they are rounded or shaped like a paddle and have absolutely no where to put your thumb so you can get DEEP into the skin.

I love this! I love everything about it. I love that I don’t have to keep lotion on my feet 24/7 because when they get dry the dead skin is more pronounced. I can now wear those sexy heels, wedges, and sport flip-flops without embarrassment.

Every fashionista knows the pain of stilettos, but wears them happily for height and style. Now withTweezerman’s new Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates, you can finally reconcile fashion with foot function.

Two expert tools fit together perfectly for clean, compact storage in a beautiful Pink pattern:

the stainless steel Micro-File effortlessly removes dead skin and reduces calluses while the Finishing File buffs skin to touchably, soft smoothness.

Buy It: Availability: Sephora and Sephora.com Price: $22

The Unbreakable Mirror


How many mirrors do you have laying around your home, office, and car? Can you count? Do you have any inside your purse? I had a very small one that was attached to a lipstick tube, and a small mirror that was part of a compact of foundation.

I didn’t really trust putting regular mirrors inside my makeup bag inside my purse, no matter how much they claim to be unbreakable. They weren’t- I could tell. The ones that WERE unbreakable were very very foggy to the point where you couldn’t see anything in the first place—so there wasn’t even a reason to be carrying them.

That’s all changed now. Tweezerman has brought out the new and amazing UNBREAKABLE MIRROR. This isn’t like the other so called unbreakable mirrors. This doesn’t have that weird cardboard covered with aluminum foil look, and it isn’t glass.


Even though you can see the glare from my camera- when you get the mirror, it comes with it’s own plastic pouch case. When you take it out of the case, you’ll see that the mirror is covered in blue protective tape.


And then you pull the blue tape back and all you see is a VERY capable, unbreakable mirror. You can see all the details of my phone, fingers, and see it clearly!


See me clearly? I can! I LOVE IT!  It’s the best mirror for packing inside a makeup bag, in a suitcase for travel, or even in a wallet!

Buy It:

Price: $12.50

Availability: Sephora

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