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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beauty Review: Umberto U Color Italian Demi Color; Cherry Black

No measuring, no mixes, no mess. Salon color has never been easier! The one-step sachet packet system of color, developer, and equalizer is ready-to-use.
After Many years of dying my hair at home, I could see the damage it was doing to my hair. I have naturally dark brown hair but it turns almost blonde in the summer and I don’t like it, so I dye it dark to cover the blonde.
My hair was being damaged by the ammonia in the hair dyes I was using. My hair was becoming frizzy, dried out, and just really straw-like. I hated it. I ended up buying a salon “leave in” hair replenishing conditioner. It worked, but my hair was soon fading back to the “light” color I dread.
I also hated that the ammonia smell was IN my hair for more than a week with the other hair colorants I was using at home. No matter how many times I washed it or what I washed it with- the smell was still there! CHEMICALS..ughh!
I was excited to try the new Umberto U Color Italian Demi Color – Black Cherry because it doesn’t have any ammonia in it. I loved that it comes with gloves and a brush. No other home kits include the brush.
The brush makes it easier to get the roots and the ends without making splashes and getting the dye everywhere. It was really helpful! I loved the deep color of the hair dye. It was a thick, rich, luxurious mixture. The gloves are of actual quality too, which is a big step up from the usual flimsy gloves that come with at home kits.
It says that you can cut off the top of all three packets at the same time. You squeeze all at the same time, but I went ahead and poured it into an old bowl and mixed it with the brush. I’m just NOT that coordinated that I can squeeze and apply with only one hand.
I did what it said and left it on for 25 minutes. I didn’t notice a chemical smell, which was AWESOME! It smelled like shampoo.. just clean and refreshing!
I really love the deep dark black it gave me. It’s a refreshing difference to the lightness my hair WAS experiencing. I really loved that when I was washing it out, all I felt was silk. My hair really did feel and smell amazing!
There wasn’t any “damage” that usually follows at home dye kits for me. Usually when I blow-dry my hair after dying it, it gets really frizzy and almost unmanageable! I love this hair color kit! It’s amazing!
I love that there is such a variety of color selections as well. What’s YOUR go to hair color?
Buy it:
Price: $7.00
Availability: Ulta stores nationwide

Both Ulta.com and PlanetBeauty.com carry a pretty diverse range of shades that retail for around $12. 
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