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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ebook Review: Label Lessons: Your Guide to a Healthy Shopping Cart; Naturally Savvy


Are you looking to make your lifestyle more healthy by choosing healthier products to eat? If you are, this ebook is perfect for you. I had the pleasure of reading their Unjunk Your Junk Food book, and it was SO much information that the average consumer doesn’t really understand.

When you look at it from their perspective, you can see HOW to choose healthier foods. HOW? They break down WHAT is actually inside the foods by taking a look on the OUTSIDE of the food packaging. Sometimes the food companies try and cover up the BAD stuff with extremely long, difficult to understand words, and Naturally Savvy shows you what they really mean.


This is an ebook version which means it’s free. More people need to be able to point out the bad ingredients that are in our everyday foods. I hated to see my favorite breakfast choice (Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal) on the thumbs down not a great choice side.. Sad smile

I didn’t know that Honey Nut Cheerios was a bad choice either.. but the great part is that they recommend foods that are just like the ones we like BUT are better for us!

Some products may actually be tricking you though. Like the Nestles “NO SUGAR ADDED” Chocolate powders. Although it doesn’t have sugar in it, it has 2 very horrible added sweeteners to it—which make it just as bad!

I loved looking through the book and seeing which were on the bad lists! Some may actually surprise you!

You don’t have to buy it! “Label Lessons” is completely free, and you can read it by following this link: Label Lessons e-book

Press Release:

Helping consumers better navigate the aisles of their supermarkets for healthy food alternatives to mainstream products. Label Lessons takes the conversation further, looking at supplements and personal care items as well as food, and how to understand product labels.

“My passion as a mother of three is teaching people how to read a food labels so they can make the healthiest choices for their families,” says Donsky, adding, “many of us don’t know how to properly read food labels or how to cut through the marketing claims and understand every ingredient in the products they’re purchasing. Label Lessons aims to help us make better purchasing decisions.”

The book will be accompanied by a series of Naturally Savvy alternagraphics, distributed through social media, which compare products in key categories, giving consumers healthy alternatives to popular mainstream products such as breakfast cereals and spreads, beverages and snack foods, as well as feminine hygiene products and vitamins.

The e-book is free to download. “This information is really important; more than one-third of U.S. and Canadian children are obese. We simply have to get this out there to as many families as possible, so we decided to make the book free to download,” says Donsky. For every time Label Lessons is shared, Naturally Savvy will donate one dollar to the organization Holistic Moms Network (up to $10,000), which has a unique mission aimed at teaching parents how to live a
more natural and healthy lifestyle.

Note: Naturally Savvy will donate $1.00 for every share of the e-book via the link above to the Holistic Moms Network. The e-book also provides downloadable coupons for all the healthy products featured, and you will have the chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree at the natural products store of your choice. Both the coupons and the donation close on June 22, 2013.

Jessica Renee



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