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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beauty Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo & Conditioner and Fine to Full Blow Out Spray

John Frieda Luxurious VolumeFight flat hair in the shower with the reformulated Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner—the duo creates the perfect foundation for full, natural looking and feeling volume. Trade in your arsenal of volume boosters for John Frieda’s breakthrough Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray, developed to deliver a salon-quality blowout at home.

John Frieda has been an absolute must on my list of hair care products since I can remember. I really liked their whole Brunette line and the frizz ease products. They came out with the new colour care line which included Brunette, Blonde, and Red.. I was fortunate enough to get to try the Brunette Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner for my recently dyed Cherry Black hair! I LOVED it!

Now I am about to show you their new line of Luxurious Volume Hair Care products! This includes:


John Frieda Touchably Full Conditioner

John Frieda Fine to Full Blow Out Spray





This shampoo and conditioner duo really does live up to it’s name “Luxurious Volume”. It doesn’t strip the hair of it’s natural oils, and make it frizzy and dry It out. Most volumizing shampoos (even with the conditioner) dry the hair out in time. With the John Frieda Volumizing Line my hair comes out silky smooth, easy to manage, shiny AND full of volume.


The shampoo and conditioner both smell absolutely incredible. I can’t put an EXACT scent on the smell, but if I had to guess- I think it smells like freshly bloomed Tiger Lillie's which I find irresistible. The Spray smells exactly the same.

I love that the scent doesn’t leave ALL day. I can wash my hair the night before, get up and it still SMELLS incredible. Even after I get out of the tanning bed my hair STILL smells like it was just washed. Later on that day before I take a shower the scent is still lingering! ♥

The Shampoo lathers AMAZINGLY. I only had to use a very small amount to wash my entire hair (about a nickel size). This amazed me because even though my hair isn’t thick, it’s very long. If you think it isn’t sudsy enough, put a little more water on your head—that’s all it needs. I can see this bottle lasting longer than a month which is new to me and my long strands!

If you use too much, it’s a waste and ANY shampoo will begin to leave product residue behind if you use too much. Make sure your only using the amount you need for your hair. AND like I said before—add a tad but more water if you think it isn’t going to get your entire head! Rub it in and wa-lah beautiful, amazing, healthy feeling locks!

The conditioner feels like liquid silk. I don’t use very much conditioner in my hair at all AND I never condition the roots. My hair is naturally oily, so I conditioner from about 1/2 away from my scalp to the ends of my hair.

My hair has always been on the “finer” side, although it’s gotten a little thicker as I got layers (or so it seems). The layers weren’t really SHOWING like I wanted them to though. I wanted something that could put the oomph in my hair so the layers could be seen.


The best results I’ve gotten is when I use them together AND follow with the Blow Out Spray. My hair was definitely thicker and had more body to it. It was soft after just the SHAMPOO- but the conditioner really adds the silkiness and vibrancy to it.


I can even use a flat iron on it and it still looks amazing! Many companies make promises, but I needed one that would actually deliver on that promise and John Frieda always does.


I love that I can wash my hair at night, and I don’t wake up with a ton of gunk or oil in my hair. It looks freshly washed, all I have to do is flat iron it and be on my way!

This doesn’t just give you volume, but it gives you BODY from the root all the way to the ends. I don’t have to use a root lifter when I use these which I LOVE!


I just spray the Fine to Full Blow Out Spray onto my hair and blow dry my hair upside down. I love that this is a pump action bottle. I try to stay away from the aerosol sprays because they smell more like alcohol (like hairspray does).. this smells fresh and invigorating just like the shampoo and conditioner.

I do use a thermal protectant in conjunction with this. I love that it doesn’t weigh the hair down while giving it volume though. You can also double this with a styling cream so that if you want you can curl or flat iron your hair after you blow-dry it!

To make them EVEN better, all three feel like they are actually nourishing and moisturizing my hair as well. It looks and feels so healthy and strong. The shine stays all day without becoming oily. This is a plus for someone who has naturally oily hair!

Needless to say, compliments have been rolling my way since beginning to use these three products!

HANDS down A+++ for these! I can NOT live without them now!

Want to experience the awesomeness for yourself?

Buy IT:


John Frieda Touchably Full Conditioner $5.49 

John Frieda Fine to Full Blow Out Spray $8.99

Connect with John Frieda online:

Facebook and Youtube

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Jessica Renee


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