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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review: Ponderables- Mathematics An Illustrated History of Numbers by Tom Jackson; Shelton Harbor Press


An Illustrated History of Numbers, you’ll get a peek into the Imponderables, too, the mysteries yet to be solved that will one day lead great thinkers forward to an even greater understanding of the universe. Includes a removable fold-out concertina neatly housed in the back of the book. This fold-out provides a 12-page Timeline History of Mathematics that embeds the story in historical context and shows Who Did What When at a glance. The reverse side features some of the greatest mathematical enigmas and interesting facts about the world of numbers.


My Review


Math wasn’t my best subject in school. It wasn’t because I didn’t find it interesting, or found it too hard. It was because of the switch up, it was so confusing to me. One day we’d be learning about THIS and I’d get the hang of it, then the next they would throw something else my way.

I learn by beginning to end. I can’t just jump around and figure stuff out. I have to have the entire history of the subject (it’s just how my mind works, I guess.)


This book has included 100 breakthroughs in Mathematics. The breakthroughs are really just 100 short stories of how math came along. It was very interesting and I couldn’t stop reading it. AND this is from someone who didn’t really like math in school OR college.

When you make it FUN, it is fun. This book is amazing. When I fully understand WHY stuff is the way it is, it makes it easier for me. This book is loaded with information—this would be awesome for a math class!


I love that it features various illustrations, pictures, charts and graphics that way you get a better glimpse of what’s going on, and is easier to comprehend (plus it just makes the book stand out!)

The book is more than 100 pages and following the intro it is broken down into 4 parts based on the timeline of events.

1.Prehistory to the middle ages

2. Renaissance and age of enlightenment

3.new numbers, new theories, and new mathematicians.

4. Great mathematicians


This isn’t a book that you can read from cover to cover in one sitting. This is a book that you work your way through little by little. It is such an enjoyment to me to ACTUALLY see how math came along and WHY such things are the way they are. I never understood putting letters into math—but now I do.

Would you like to learn more about math or know someone who does? This book is right up your alley!

Mathematics An Illustrated History of Numbers (100 Ponderables) $17.24 + Free Shipping

About the Author

Tom Jackson, the Editor of Mathematics, is a science author based in the United Kingdom who has written many books, covering everything from axolotls to Zoroastrianism. Mr. Jackson studied zoology at the University of Bristol, and still lives in that city with his wife and three children, where he can be found mainly in the attic.

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