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Roaring Springs Paper Products Review & Giveaway


Summer is here and it ALWAYS peaks my midnight ramblings. It intrigues me to just write and write and write. I have always been one of those girls that has too much paper, and too many pens, binders and markers. 'I have always LOVED shopping for office/school supplies.

SO you know I was excited to review some notebooks from Roaring Springs Paper Products.  Roaring Springs is a126 year old manufacturer of paper products in the US who has recently extended their line of earth friendly paper products to include Sugarcane Paper Notebooks, Cross-Over Notebooks and Color Me Products for the kids!

I was sent 4 Color Me Notebooks, 2 Cross-Over Notebooks, Genesis Shades 1 Subject Notebook Genesis 5 Subject Notebook and a Genesis 3 subject Notebook, SO you know I was like a kid at Christmas over here.


Here is some info on each:

Color Me Products – These notebooks and folders encourage kids to be creative and personalize by coloring the covers. There are a variety of pre-printed themes on the covers such as Aquarium, Farm, Sports and Fun Park to peak kid’s interest.

Sugarcane Paper Notebooks - This environmentally friendly product is made of paper from sugarcane, truly a renewable paper.  This is a notebook where, by purchasing it really does save a tree.

Cross-Over Notebook - Unique wire bound notebook that has college-ruled lines running the width of the page on one side, and the length of the page on the other side. This unique printing allows you to take notes three ways:  wide for sketching or to illustrate diagrams, standard, or use the backlight grid pattern the lines create for graphing. These are several great ways to get a lot out of one notebook-- crossover to a better note taking


My Review*


I Love to Write ♥


I write and I write A LOT! I feel better about using Roaring Springs Paper Products because their Sugarcane Paper Notebooks are environment friendly. Instead of using paper made from trees (like normal paper is) there are made from sugarcane!


The BEST thing about the sugarcane made paper is that it actually write more smoothly than regular paper (or to me it does anyway). I took one look at all these empty notebooks just waiting for ME to dig in and get to creating and I was HAPPY HAPPY!


They are regular white like normal paper, and has a durable vinyl cover that can be wiped clean! I also love that I can write notes to myself on these covers with dry erase markers and then wipe it off when I’ve completed whatever to-do list or whatever that I wrote down.

The inside of the notebooks still contain the little double sided folder which is convenient to keep to-do lists, grocery lists, school handouts, or whatever inside. That way they don’t slip out and you lose them for GOOD!


They also have colored notebooks that are made of sugarcane as well. They are also college rules and have the double sided folder in the front as well as the vinyl cover. This is one of my favorites! This is great for personal means. Journals, Quotes, Poems!


This is one of the crossover notebooks! This also have a vinyl cover that is easy to clean/wipe off if needed! It doesn’t have a folder, but these are AMAZING notebooks. I’d never seen anything like it before.


See how the landscape pages can be seen and then when you flip over it’s letter size! This makes it easy to use both sides for something different. Or you can use both back and front for the same such as poems, lists for school or work, to-do lists.. Smile


These are the Color Me notebooks. I got 4 of them, so I gave each of my kids 2 each. I’d never seen them have so much fun with a notebook! They had fun coloring and designing the front!

The top picture is my daughters, and the bottom picture is my sons. The inside of the notebook is like a regular notebook with lined paper.


Since it’s summer and Aidan learned so much in Kindergarten this year. We use one of his notebooks for continuing learning how to add and subtract small numbers.

Adisyn’s other notebook is used for learning letters and numbers since she will begin preschool in the fall. My kids are growing up too fast, HOW did this happen?


This is the inside of Aidan’s color book. I loved looking through it and seeing all the cool stuff he is learning to draw. The first picture is of Me and him inside me as a baby (as he wanted to know how he got here LOL).

The second picture is of a rocket ship and the last is a King! He is getting so creative and amazing at drawing for a 6 year old. It’s cool what some crayons, a paper, and an imagination will bring out!


This is Adisyn’s drawings. She said hers was the clouds and her (the first one) and flowers (the second). I am definitely putting these up as keepsakes!

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