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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chic Mom Review: House of Botori Ginika Tote Diaper Bag


I was super excited when House of Botori wanted to work with me. You just don’t even know how much I fell in love with their website and EVERY product in it. House of Botori is definitely not your average baby/mama items.

She took items that we need for our everyday lives and made them beautiful, modern, and absolutely irresistible. As I was browsing through the House of Botori Diaper Bags, I was instantly drawn in to the beautiful colors, modern designs, and the much needed accessories that accompany these beautifully designed bags.


There are 5 different varieties of diaper bags on the website, and each one has it’s own name, which I loved! They are each constructed with their own individual style, so that you can express yours. That’s the reason I had so much trouble choosing. Each diaper bag has it’s own separate characteristics that make it exclusive to that bag, so I was debating HARD LOL. I was like a kid at a candy store.


Each one has a different number, size, design and placement of pockets, zippers, and storage areas. When you click on a diaper bag, it’ll show you that you can choose any design (some have more color design options than others) you want in the bag structure you want! So, if you like the Kaira Diaper Bag better but was thinking.. “Ooh, I would love to have that in bright pink or dark blue.” You could most definitely get it, shown below are the Kaira Diaper bags in Skipper Rum (pink) and Braid Sapphire (Blue).


That’s what surprised me. There are all these super fabulous diaper bags that made me want each one anyway, and then to find out they are available in a variety of colors too? I was super impressed, so much that I think my jaw possibly dropped.

So, I began looking at what the bags themselves offered. I always think about the benefits and perks of each item. Which design will better fit my lifestyle? Which would expand the amount of items I can carry without being too bulky? More pockets to store stuff so there’s less space for single items to roll around and I have to dig to find them? Or more space to store bigger items and less pockets?  What accessories come with them?

The designs are very exclusive to House of Botori, I had never seen a Bowler style diaper bag before in my life. I was already exceptionally impressed with their meticulous planning of each item before I even chose the bag. I could already tell that a considerable amount of time had been put into the design process of each item. A lot of thought was definitely put into each one, designed with busy moms in mind. How can this ease her stress and save her time? That’s definitely what I thought!


I ended up getting the Ginika Tote in Twirl Tangerine. I immediately fell in love with the bright orange color with the pretty whimsical flowers on the outside. The design is super modern, practical, and it isn’t too big or too small. It’s exactly the right size.


Why be subjected to using a plain, boring, lifeless diaper bag when you don’t have to? You don’t have to give up your fashionable style just because you’re a mom now. Now you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality and convenience, you can get both! Rock that style mama!

Since becoming a first time mom in 2007, I’ve been through a lot of different varieties of diaper bags. During that time there weren’t many stylish options available, you just picked the necessity diaper bag (the size you needed to suit babies needs) and hoped for the best. The stylish options that were available at that time were very expensive, a regular mom like me couldn’t afford a $400 diaper bag..

Now we stylish mamas can stand up and give House of Botori a bow! Thank you, thank you! Fashionable bags that hold all of your child’s needs. The Ginika Tote is very spacious, and has 10 pockets to keep everything organized and within reach.


This is the inside of the bag, I love the bright inside that is also spill and stain resistant. Having a child, doesn’t matter if it’s a baby or a toddler- spills are almost inevitable with the bottles, sippy cups, and snack containers. So, I love that the interior has made it easy for a busy mom on the go.To clean just grab a baby wipe or wet paper towel and wipe the mess clean, it beats having to throw it in the washer! WIN!


This is just one side of the inside pockets. There are two huge pockets for your mama needs such as sunglasses, cell phone, and any other accessories you might want to bring. There are also 2 tiny pockets on the right for pens/pencils. Then the zippered pocket for keeping your personal stuff/valuables.


Do you know how AMAZING it is to have a key fob right on the inside of the diaper bag? You don’t even want to know how much time I’ve wasted digging for lost keys. Now, the searching is over. The key fob is high quality, made to snap around your key ring so they aren’t rolling around in the bottom of the bag.

I also adore that my full size wallet will fit in any of the inside pockets without a problem. Usually when we go out for the entire day I don’t bring a purse at all. It saves me time, a headache, and possibly a backache as well. So, it’s nice to be able to put my own items in this one as well!

The other side of pockets can be used exclusively for your childs’ needs. Whether it’s diapers or pull ups, wipes, toys, snacks, medicine, or bibs and hats. No matter what you need to fit inside, including the extra clothes, they’ll fit!

On each side of the bag there are PEVA lined pot pockets. These can also hold whatever.. it’s the right size for holding extra empty bottles, baby lotion, or a larger snack container (like little puffs). That’s just the inside pockets, which consist of seven. Of course we can’t forget that giant opening for putting extra clothing for your little one. We ALL know that it’s better to keep at least 2 extra clothing changes on hand at a time.


I was thrilled to see so much room inside those pockets. Pockets are VERY essential to me. I’ve had other HUGE diaper bags, but organizing everything was a hassle because there wasn’t any inside pockets. If I wanted the clothes separate from the bottles or sippy cups, toys, and diapers/wipes I would have to pack them individually in separate bags and then put them inside the diaper bag. So when I seen the pockets, I was VERY impressed.


The outside of the bag is just as spectacular as the inside. I am IN love with the bold colors and eye catching design. The first picture below is the back pocket with the magnet closure. This is where I put the changing pad (that comes with it). It fits in their perfectly! The side pocket you see in the picture, there is another on the other side as well.


This is the front of the bag. I love that it can easily hold the tablet so my daughter can play games while we wait at the doctor. With all the space, I never have to worry about a tantrum being thrown because I can pack all the toys she wants to play with!


It comes with all these accessories, with the same beautiful design as the exterior. I loved that they take this extra step for mamas. I’ve never seen a diaper bag offer all these selections in the same bag.

There are 2 drawstring dirty clothes sacks, an insulated bottle holder, a pacifier holder, a changing pad and padded shoulder straps. Everything here is essential to the life of a mom yet no other diaper bag company goes above and beyond like this to offer all the accessories shown AND at such a cheap price.

It makes the diaper bag that much more lovable because I can pack it without the regular strap digging into my shoulder. The shoulder strap prevents that, so it’s comfortable. I love that everything that I need is in reach, and I know which pocket or space it’s in. It makes being the mom of 2 children exceptionally more easy and definitely more enjoyable.

PLUS, when you no longer NEED a diaper bag, this would make an awesome laptop bag!

Buy it: House of Botori Ginika Tote Diaper Bag $79.97

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