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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Way to Stop Summer Learning Loss for K-2nd Grade: PowerMyLearning


Summer is has been in FULL summer mode for awhile now. Relaxing, hanging out, and swimming is ALL that has been crossing my kids minds. It’s been really REALLY hot this summer.. can you say HUMID?

Have you ever heard OR experienced summer slide? Where you forget stuff you learned the previous year DURING the summer? Kids who do not continue with educational activities over the summer tend to lose an average of 2.6 months of academic growth, that’s a LOT!

PowerMyLearning is here to help you and your kids prevent that Summer Slide in a very fun and interactive way! PowerMyLearning is an absolutely free website with everything your K-2nd grader needs to stay at their learning level (and go even further if they wanted).

My son had a blast because it consisted of FUN. It is like playing a game to him, he  doesn’t “look” at it like a learning experience. He just thinks he is playing (and he is), but it’s purely educational as well. It’s an amazing concept, integrating learning through fun. This is how I teach my kids anyway. If they feel FORCED to stare at a page, they’ll get bored. Why not make it fun so they remember?

it’s really cool because you can add as many children (when you sign up as a parent) as you want. It’s awesome that within 1 second you can link their school by searching your zip code! Of course, my daughter is only in preschool—so maybe I’ll sign her up next year (or this year if she does well). She’s a fast learner.


We were basically focusing on the Math programs. Aidan did really good this year with his letters, learning sounds of the letters.  He can count to 100 but he has trouble adding and subtracting. With PowerMyLearning, he gets to choose which activity he likes and collect points when he finishes those activities!

There are tons of games to choose from. Here are some he played and really enjoyed!

Kids Adding Objects ~ Time to practice addition!


Interactive 100 Square ~ Play with these interactive squares to see interesting patterns.

Apple picking PBS~ Counting with Curious George and his friend Jumpy

There are more than 30 different math games for the K-2 grade level

PowerMyLearning is a free web-based platform designed for K-12 students, parents, and educators. The platform makes thousands of the best online learning activities easily accessible and usable in one trusted place.

Check out PowerMyLearning on social media for the latest updates!




Disclosure~ This is a sponsored post on behalf of PowerMyLearning


-Jessica Renee


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