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Influenster Sunkissed Summer Voxbox 2013 Review


imageI was excited to find out that I prequalified for the Influenster Sunkissed Summer 2013 Voxbox! Woohoo, yay me!

This Voxbox is said to be filled with Summer Fun and I definitely couldn’t wait to get my hands on the box and see what was waiting inside for me!

I got the Voxbox last week.. and Guess what was inside?

4 items that I will tell you all about below!



*Goodies Ouchless Ribbon Elastics*

The first item I pulled out of the box was the Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics. This comes with 5 Ribbons all in different colors!


These are really awesome. I love that they are all different colors. I have been a fan of non-metal hair ties for as long as I can remember. Every single time I’d wear hair ties with a metal piece on it, they’d snag my hair and they’d end up breaking after using them for awhile.


These retail for $3.99-$4.99 which is an awesome deal for something that isn’t going to pull you bald when you want to wear your hair up! Not only has this been awesome for me because I have really long hair, but for my daughter as well.


She always complains when I put her hair up in a hair tie. She says it pulls her hair! Guess who hasn’t heard any complaining since I’ve gotten these? That’s right! ME! Smile


*Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream*

The second item I pulled out of the box was the Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream} Perfecter Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15. I love that this not only has SPF 15 in it, but it’s more like a tinted moisturizer so it’s better for your skin in the summer than all out foundation!

The Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream is an all-in-one skin perfecter, suncreen, and tinted moisturizer evens tone and refreshes dullness. For flawless looking skin, get your now available in two shades: fair/light and light/medium.


I got sent the light/medium which would be too light for my skin, but it blends AMAZINGLY well. I can’t even tell that it’s light, it just soaks right in.  It looks amazing under my foundation for extra coverage AND sun protection. I have tried CC Creams in the past, but I haven’t had the chance to use a BB Cream until now.


I am glad I got a chance to try it! It’s very light on the skin and has a really nice, clean fresh scent. It smells like freshly washed hair! I love it! I love how creamy it is, yet how well it soaks in. It feels so lightweight like you don’t even have anything on the skin at all.


It refreshes the skin, and keeps it feeling clean! It also helps to brighten the skin while evening the tone and texture. It makes my skin feel SO hydrated and smooth, all while protecting it from the sun! It’s only $12.99 for a large tube!


*Sinfulshine with Gel Tech*


The third item I pulled from the box was the Sinfulshine with Gel Tech in “I’m Blushing”. This is a very light pink that almost looks like a tinted pink mixed with white. I love the color, it is very luscious and rich!


There are 32 shades, and they are all eye catching, beautiful, vibrant colors! I am definitely going to have to get more of these! I love the gel tech, this is actually the first shade that I’d tried, and it’s awesome. The shine is SO awesome, and it makes my nails feel so smooth and look so shiny.

It’s a steal too, at only $2.99

*Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles*


Last, but not least is the Dr. Scholl’s For Her High Heel Insoles. Heels are really uncomfortable for me to wear for a long time because of my arch. I swear my feet hate high heels because they have to constantly hold themselves in.

These create all day comfort for both the feet AND the arches, so your feet can be comfortable and cute. It is made out of ultra-soft gel that just makes your feet feel like it’s sinking into your feet! This makes my feet SO comfy and awesome!

It absorbs the shock that would normally go into the heel and feet. The best thing is that the cushioning is very discreet even in strappy heels. You can’t see it at all. These retail for $10.99 and you can’t beat that for the all day long comfort!

Fits comfortably in all your high heel shoes 2" and up


I received this Summer 2013 Sunkissed Voxbox from Influenster, for free. The opinions in this post are completely honest!

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