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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stay Cool During School with Cool Gear- CoolGearCan Review

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Cool Gear has come out with an amazing product called the CoolGearCan. I was excited to get to work with them and try 2 of these bad boys out! Rethink your drink with the CoolGearCan! It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, a teacher, or a student- this is an amazing alternative to can drinks!


The coolgearcan™ is portable, earth-friendly, reusable and fashionable! Available in lots of fun, bright colors and trendy prints. I was simply AMAZED by both of the coolgearcans that I received. They are very high quality and the designs are beautiful!

I am VERY guilty of grabbing a can drink from the refrigerator without thinking twice. Sodas, Coffee in a can, and Energy Drinks. Most of the day you’ll find me sitting at the computer working, working, and working some more. I need the caffeine to help me get the work completed, not only in a timely manner but great quality.

THERE is a problem with popping a top on a can though, after it has sit there for a second the condensation starts dripping. I have to either get paper towels or locate a coaster just so the condensation doesn’t run underneath my laptop. The coolgearcans DO NOT produce condensation at all, I love it.


Having a reusable can-like drink container is absolutely amazing, I tell ya! I have been packing mine Everywhere with me. Not only have I gotten asked “What are you drinking?”, but “Where can I find one of those?” Most people who see me with it think it’s some kind of new drink.. they don’t know what it is until I twist off the cap and SHOW them that it’s a reusable drink container.

“They work like any to-go cup, except they are 10x better.”


They have a twist-on cap, which makes them spill-proof. We’ve all had to-go drink containers and coffee cups.. but what happens when that lid pops off on you when you’re driving down the road? You’re going to soak your clothes AND your car. The twist on caps are AMAZING!


It is a double wall insulated beverage container which helps keep your drink icy cold for up to 6 hours! I went to rummage sales with my mom over the weekend and brought my coolgearcan along. It was HOT outside, really HOT. I was thankful to get in the car and find that my drink was still cold even with it sitting in a hot car! Ahh.. refreshment.


It has a sliding lid, no twisting and turning while driving! How cool is that? A push of a thumb and it’s open and closed again! I love this because when we go camping or out to the beach, I don’t have to worry about Ants or other bugs crawling into my drink. I would have to worry about it if I were drinking a regular can beverage! NO bugs in my drink!


The coolgearcan is sold in 50+ designs in 16 oz. and 12 oz. containers. They can be bought at the Cool Gear Website for $8.99 (16 oz.)

or CVS, Wal-Mart, & Bed, Bath, and Beyond

For more information on Cool Gear or the coolgearcan, please visit the website, Facebook page, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and (@coolgearinc).


-Jessica Renee



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