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Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 Must Haves for College Bound Students

10 Must Haves for College Bound Students (2)

Summer is ending, and high school graduates are loading up the family vans with all the books and supplies they will need for the fall semester. As they begin taking classes at South University Savannah and move into their new dorm rooms, there are some essential supplies they may need. If you are preparing to send your children off to college this fall, here are some tips for helping them prepare for success.

1. Shower Supplies

Dorm showers are not always the most pristine environments. A good pair of shower shoes or rubber flip-flops will help keep your student clean. A shower caddy with good ventilation is a great gift when filled with your child’s favorite shampoo and soaps.

2. Snacks

Though your child may have been dreaming about unlimited food in their college cafeteria, some healthy energy boosting snacks can be a wonderful way to say, “I love you.” Granola, energy bars, apple sauce, trail mix and chocolate are just some of the yummy and creative presents you can send along with your student. These are good alternatives to junk food when your son or daughter is craving a late night study snacks.

3. Filtration Bottle

Hydration is one key to remaining healthy and ready to study. Investing in a water bottle with a filter can provide your student with access to clean drinking water no matter where they are on campus.

4. Headphones

When they are hitting the books in the school library or their dorm, it can be difficult to tune out the friends hanging out nearby. A stylish pair of quality headphones can cancel surrounding noise and help your student get into their study groove.

5. An Extra Pair of Sheets

Although it sounds simple to do laundry on a regular basis, many college students have trouble their first year with finding time to fit in basic tasks like washing their sheets. Sending along an extra pair might just help your student get a clean nights sleep.

6. Text Books

For the first semester, helping your student purchase their textbooks ahead of time can relieve anxiety and stress about finding and purchasing the materials they need when classes have already begun. Shopping ahead of time can also help cut costs by finding used books online.

7. Mini Fridge

Available for under $200, a little fridge easily fits into a college dorm room and provides the ability for your student to keep milk and other refrigerated foods on hand. This is one way to encourage your child to eat well and remain healthy.

8. Electronic Tea Kettle

College students can be amazingly ingenious. Given the ability to boil water, there is no telling what they can create. Whether it is saving money by making their own coffee and tea or satisfying their afternoon hunger by heating soup or boiling noodles for macaroni and cheese or spaghetti.

9. A Snuggly Blanky

In addition to their snazzy dorm room bedding, a cozy throw can be a wonderful piece of home when away form home.

10. Febreeze

Air freshener can be a breath of fresh air, or at least the scent of it, in a smelly dorm room. Sending along the smell of sunshine can also help your student feel at home.

Image from www.c2educate.com


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