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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Tutoring Options for the School Year

5 Tutoring Options for the School Year (2)

If the beginning of the school years has you searching for Takelessons tutors and worrying about the potential of your young one falling behind at school, then there are some important keys to know in deciding what kind of help is the best you’re your child.

While the idea of a hiring a tutor brings up the traditional picture of a one-on-one study session after school, there are various tutoring options available today. Some of the factors which play into making the best choice include

•Learning style

•Convenience and


With these aspects in mind, here is a simple list of the most common tutoring options available.

Private Tutors

Perhaps the most popular type of tutor is the one-on-one private tutor who comes to your home or meets with the student after school one or more times a week. Private tutors may be college students gaining education experience, teachers earning extra income or retired teachers. This is usually an effective method because the child has the full attention of the tutor. The tutor can also take into consideration the school’s standards, the parents’ expectations and the child’s needs. Some private tutors can help with homework in all subjects, but most are hired to help troubleshoot one area of study.


Sometimes children can benefit from the help of older students who can encourage them and provide friendship as well. Student-to-student tutoring is a cheaper and often convenient choice. However, “Many times student-to-student tutoring doesn’t work because kids are embarrassed to say they don’t know something,” cautions Beverly Collins, an executive director of educational development at Huntington Learning Centers. She adds that in some cases, the student tutors also may not have enough experience to explain things effectively.

Tutoring Centers

Tutoring centers are growing companies which employ a number of experienced tutors and utilizes particular methods. They often offer both one-on-one help as well as group tutoring, which can be more affordable. When first visiting a tutoring center such as Sylvan or Huntington, a test of your child’s level will most likely be administered.

Online Assistance

A growing option comes in the form of online tutoring which is available through an increasing number of companies and can be a convenient alternative. When meeting with a tutor online, students will use either video chat or a speaker and headset to communicate with the tutor in real time. However, this program may prove a bit tricky to use for a younger student.

Special Software

Finally, there are many types of software, some free, that provide worksheets and games to help enforce learning. For students who are attracted to computers, this can be a great way to capitalize on their interest. Using tutoring software will require the direct involvement of a parent as no supervision is provided by the programs themselves. Software may serve students best when used as a supplement to private tutoring.

In addition to tutoring, there are many practical steps that your family can practice together to inspire learning.

•Read aloud together

•Visit museums and aquariums on family fieldtrips

•Play educational games together

•Keep open communication with your kids

•Value learning as a good example

Author Bio: 

Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing health options for her family.

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