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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flat Iron Experts- Avanti Wet/Dry Flat Iron Review. Make Getting Out the Door In The Morning Easier


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Flat Iron Experts has the best prices (HANDS down) on everything you need to get your hair the way you want it! Flat Irons, Curling Irons, hair dryers, hot rollers, and hair/nail care! I received the Avanti Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron.


For many years, flat irons have smoothed out our ever frizzy humidity inspired locks, curly cues, or non-manageable hair! Most can even tame the most curly, coarse hair and make it look presentable and beautiful!


This flat iron combines Nano-Titanium, Nano-Ceramic, and Nano-Silver. This means that it will heat up in a VERY short amount of time, and distributes the heat evenly throughout the two plates. THIS is a good thing because those that DON’T will make “heat spots” in your hair and can eventually cause extreme damage and breakage.

The Nano-silver keeps bacteria from growing within or on the flat iron plates. This is ideal for those who frequently share hair tools or a hairdresser that uses their flat-iron on many people. Believe it or not, using someone else’s hair tools could give you an infection or bacteria that will grow on your scalp. This flat iron prevents that from happening. It’s like sterilizing scissors or combs/brushes after someone else uses it!


This is a very advanced technology flat iron. It’s like switching from a regular T.V. to a flat screen, a regular laptop to a touch-screen laptop. It’s that much different, and you can immediately tell with the first use.

You can use this on damp or semi-damp hair to finish the drying process. The unique "Wet to Dry" feature allows you to flatten your hair while Wet to save time. Avanti AVCROC’s Infrared Heat technology dries hair from the inside out, so it will crackle and stem. It will make it sound and look like your head might just catch on fire. IT will not however, actually catch fire. Smile

ALWAYS make sure that you’re using a heat protectant spray before you use ANY hair tool with heat (blow dryers, curling wands, flat irons) but especially wet/dry flat irons. Even though this has advanced technology, which will cause LESS damage than using a regular flat iron—ANY heated styling tool will cause damage overtime.


Flat Iron Experts sent me the KQC Thermal Shine. I love how it makes my hair look soft and shiny without looking oily or greasy, It doesn’t leave behind any residue and works amazingly well! It defends the hair follicles from the heated styling tools you use. You can use it before straightening, curling, or even blow-drying.


I love that this is digital. I can see what temperature the flat iron is at. I don’t have to guess what it’s at, like the ones that have the spinning dial. As you can see, it has up/down buttons, so you can adjust the temperature so that it’s right for your hair.

Thicker/coarser hair needs a higher temperature to straighten their hair. I don’t have thick or coarse hair, so I love that I can just turn it down 100*, so that it doesn’t overheat my normal hair. It heats up in no time at all. I don’t have to plug it in and then complete something else while waiting for the flat iron to heat.


I love the way that they placed the finger grippers right below the flat iron paddles. This makes it easier for me to get a good grip on the flat iron. It helps with successfully getting the hair straightened on the first go-around.


It is SO easy to use! There is also a really long cord, which I also like. I hate being confined to a small space. If you have a vanity in your bedroom and the cord is short, yet the plugin isn’t close—you’ll have some issues without a long cord!


See how much better my hair looks without all the creases and bumps? It takes me less than 10 minutes to straighten my entire hair and then I’m out the door and on my way!

Buy it: Avanti Wet-Dry Nano-Titanium Ceramic Silver Digital Flat Iron Originally $259 on sale for only $159.95

Flat Iron Experts is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


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Jessica Renee


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