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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Green Glider Reusable Mop Pad: Upgrade Your Mop and End the Disposable Trend (Review)


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There is nothing that works more amazing at cleaning floors quite like a Swiffer mop. I have a Swiffer WetJet and wouldn’t trade it for anything! It’s revolutionized the way moms all over the world clean our floors, and I wouldn’t go back to the old way for anything in the world.


No more string or sponge mops. No more buckets, and no more back breaking work that involves the bucket or any of the other traditional mop types. The only thing that I had a real issue with on the Swiffer WetJet was the throw away cleaning pads.

My entire flooring throughout my house is either hardwood or linoleum, so I have a LOT to mop. It was taking me at LEAST 4 disposable throwaway cleaning pads to mop every time. The boxes of the disposable pads are NOT cheap! At the rate I was using them, I was spending quite a bit of money. Money that could be used to buy other stuff for the house that we need; toilet paper, dish washing liquid, and laundry detergent.


When I heard about the Green Glider Reusable Mop Pads, I was immediately drawn to it. I could use my Swiffer Mop without the hassle of buying the cleaning pads. I could save money as well as keep unnecessary products (the pads) from being thrown in the trash! It was and is a definite win/win!


What made me LOVE the Green Glider Mop Pad is the simple fact that it fits ANY type of mop, it fits all the top selling mops (that take cleaning pads). There is no need to go out and buy a certain type of mop to be able to use this!


These are simply AMAZING! They are not only reusable and help families save money but they are super adorable! The fabric that she makes the Green Gliders out of is a dark green color mixed with lighter green flower/ferns.


The bottom of the Green Glider Mop Pad is made out of patented dual action technology
with Microfiber to clean, combined with 4 layers of Shammy inside to absorb liquid. The Green Glider is definitely more effective and outperforms any of the disposable refills or other cheap imitation mop pads.


I love the fact that it’s adjustable. The Velcro on the top of the Green Glider allows it to snugly fit my Wetjet without any issues. It hugs the mop very closely allowing me to clean the floor even better than if I had just been using a Swiffer throwaway pad.


It adds an extra certain comfort when using the WetJet. When using the throwaway pads the Wetjet scrapes the floor and doesn’t clean very well because the pads are very thin and can’t hold a lot of moisture (and tear very easily). The Green Glider adds thickness to the WetJet, allowing me to add as much pressure to the mop that I need to clean the floor.


Moms, pet owners, and those who support Green products will absolutely love the Green Glider. It has definitely added more ease to my cleaning day! Now I not only save money but time as well. I don’t have to keep taking the throw away pads off and getting a new one for every room.

The Green Glider Mop Pad is definitely a product that you WANT in your home. All you do is use it, toss it the washer, and re-use it over and over. It’s $12.95 for one Green Glider Mop Pad but it quickly pays for itself. If you add a couple boxes of Swiffer Throw away pads up.. it adds up to more than 3-4x the amount of a Green Glider in just a couple months!

Now you have a smarter choice with Green Glider’s top quality, high performance, reusable mop pads. Are you ready to save money and your sanity? It makes mopping TONS more enjoyable. I don’t have to dread using the stick on pads that don’t stick very well in the first place. The Green Glider is very durable and made with Velcro!

About the Green Glider:


Microfiber has taken the cleaning industry by storm as the leader in cleaning fabrics with its ability to draw dirt and debris into its dense internal structure and holding on to it with the micro strands that the material is composed of. Green Glider uses an industrial grade, large loop pile that has the ability to get deep into grout, cracks and crevices, and up close in the area where dust and dirt accumulates where the floor meets the walls, and in corners.

Shammy (Chamois)

The Green Glider’s second ingredient located in the internal core is 4 layers of Shammy, which proves to have ultra-absorbent power and is immensely popular for its superior capability to draw in and retain moisture. The Shammy allows the Green Glider to absorb much more than the disposable mop pads without dripping. Shammy has been widely recognized as the wonderfully absorbent fabric also known as “ShamWow®”, or “Zorbeez®”.

Get yours now!

Green Glider Reusable Mop Pad: $12.95

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-Jessica Renee



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