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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ISeeMe Personalized Lunch Box & Coloring Book- Make Back to School Fun!

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Personalized gifts mean the absolute WORLD to kids. Personalized means that it is truly and completely theirs because it was created just for THEM! ISeeMee has tons of personalized back to school items. What better way to send them on their first day of school or even back to school then a personalized lunch box packed with personality and spunk?

When your child gets something personalized, it’s just another way to express their individual style and a GREAT one at that! They have tons of NEW designs in their personalized lunch boxes, They don’t have to be JUST for a school lunch either. It would make an awesome present to give a new mom filled with baby items for a baby shower.

My lovely little Adisyn started preschool this year and I definitely wanted to send her in style. I set her down with me and let her choose which one she wanted. I wasn’t exactly sure which one she was going to choose because there were so many amazing designs.
The one she ended up getting was the All-A-Flutter-Butterflies Personalized Lunch Box. It came within a week- week and a half! That’s amazing for personalizing so many spots on the lunchbox. Their name is on both sides and the front!
I took two pictures of the front of the lunchbox. Where it’s metal, my flash cut out her name, so I took a closer picture for you to see. I LOVE that the colors are so vivid and bright! I loved the fact that it has a separate design on the side than it does on the front!

She was SUPER SUPER happy with the lunchbox! She jumped up and down “thank you mommy, thank you mommy for getting me this lunchbox”! She loved the fact that it has her name on it (although she doesn’t know how to spell it yet). She said “It says Adisyn doesn’t it mommy?” after I told her that her name was on it.
What made ME love the lunchbox was that I could write her a personalized note each morning with the chalkboard style back that it has. I love that I can draw hearts, a pony, her, or write her a special note! This is every mom’s dream! To let their kid know how much they mean to them while they aren’t with them!
She looks forward to helping me pack her lunch each day and putting the lunchbox in her backpack. She absolutely ADORES the lunchbox and looks forward to the cute stuff I write on the inside of the lunchbox! I love that it has a clasp on the front of it and can’t open and spill the contents in her backpack. Yet, it is easy for her to open it and close it herself when she’s at school! BIG win for both of us!

Get one: The personalized lunchboxes are only $29.95!

We also received a My Very Own Fairy Tale Personalized Coloring Book. Adisyn absolutely loves to color, so I was excited for her to see her name inside the coloring book. It was amazing how big her eyes got. They were just sparkling with amazement, and because she can’t spell her name all the way—the inside of the coloring book is slowly showing her how to do it.

The quality of the book is exceptional. The binding is really thick, which kept her from tearing it up. As a four year old, she can be pretty rough on a coloring book, but this one stood the test of time and durability.
The illustrations in the book are absolutely beautiful and it contains her name quite a few times! The story kept her interested and she absolutely loves it.

Get yours: They are only $9.95 for a personalized coloring book!

They also have personalized placemats, Baby Gifts and so much more!

Connect with them online:

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/ISeeMe_Maia       

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