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Let Her Inner Diva Shine with LaLoops Minky Cape! Review

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I don’t know about yours, but my daughter is a complete Diva Princess. She loves changing clothes and shoes a million times a day. She has sass. She loves being the center of attention, and it’s possible she thinks she’s a fairy princess at all times.


That’s why when I came across Laloops Minky Cape, I KNEW it was going to be absolutely perfectly for my princess in training. It was so adorable, I couldn’t resist. Who in their right mind (as a child) wouldn’t want a cool reversible minky cape? I knew my daughter would enjoy it!


I was very impressed with the quality of the minky cape. Of course, it’s SO soft and luxurious feeling. You could just become captivated by the trendiness and uniqueness of this beautiful cape. My daughter was super SUPER excited to get the Minky cape. She wore it for an entire day straight, I’m pretty sure. Everybody that walked through the door, she had to show and explain that it was “HER” cape.. LOL


I love the fact that there aren’t any buttons. There is a magnet on the front top that just clasps together to close. This makes it so much easier for her to put on and go without fighting trying to zip or button something (like her jackets).


It is available in five different color combinations, so whatever color your little diva desires—she get’s (of course.. shh.) It’s stylish, classy, and elegant all at the same time. It fits most 2-4 year old little girls. My daughter is a bit big for her age (4) yet it still fits her perfectly.

As you can see on my future supermodel, the cape is perfectly reversible. I love that it comes with an animal print fabric as well as a colored one. This means we can flip it to the pink side when she wants to color coordinate it with something she’s wearing. She was EXTRA excited that she can take this with her to school (preschool) when it starts getting cooler.


She lives, breathes, and dreams color—so this is perfect for her! I LOVE the fact that I have something to keep her warm on Halloween. I always hate that we have to cover up their costumes with jackets and coats because it’s cold during October here. Now, we can definitely still dress her up as whatever she wants and not have to fully cover it up when the time comes.

You no longer have to worry about the hassle of sleeves, zippers, buttons or snaps and forget about sliding and bunching in a car seat or stroller.

About LaLoops:

Danielle and Efrat met while living in the same New York City apartment building. They quickly became friends as did their sons, who happen to be born a few days apart.  They also went through their second pregnancies together, giving birth to daughters exactly a month difference.  During this friendship, Danielle and Efrat learned that they both felt out of sorts with their current jobs. They both loved being moms and wanted more meaning from their respective careers.  They realized that combining their different skill sets, while not only being fun, would create a creative environment that would enable them to come up with something essential that wasn’t yet on the market.

Born and raised in New York City, Danielle, a PR pro, is an expert at multi-tasking work and family life without missing a beat, but she wanted to put her creative juices to work to come up with something to make life a little easier.

After living in Israel her whole life, Efrat made her way to the United States to attend business school at NYU.  Even while working in the nonstop world of Wall Street for over a decade, Efrat wanted to find a way to balance career and family in a more simplified manner.

Enter LaLoops™ Minky Cape, the reversible children’s ponchos that just like mom can multi-task throughout the day.


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Buy It! You can buy the LaLoops Minky Cape for $45.


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