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Friday, August 2, 2013

Vitacost: Beauty Reviews- Kiss My Face Pore Shrink, MyChelle Brightening Serum, & VeriaID Lotion

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When you think of Vitacost, what do you imagine? Do you imagine a website filled with Vitamins? NO, that isn’t what VItacost is. Vitacost is a website that has nothing but natural products. They offer a huge variety of name brand (as well as their own brand) of natural skin care, hair care, vitamins, Baby & Kid care, Pet supplies, and more.

I was excited to get my three items of choice from the Vitacost website. This time around I chose all skincare products. The 2013 school year is about to start and we are about to have our family pictures made. I want my skin to look and feel silky and spectacular! 


The first item I chose was the Kiss My Face Pore Shrink Deep Cleansing Mask. I have always had trouble with really oily skin and huge pores. There has only been a select few products (need I mention that they are expensive) that have helped with the oil AND the pore size.


I’ve been using this for only about 2 weeks and I can already tell a huge difference in the amount of oil that is on my skin. Usually I have to wash my face 3 times a day and limit the makeup I wear in the summer. Makeup breaks me out because it adds to the oil, so I’ve been using either CC or BB Creams here lately.

This has helped me be able to wear regular makeup! This is perfect because like I said we are about to have a photo shoot and I do NOT want oily skin. I don’t want to look shiny or have acne popping out because of the oil. How embarrassing would that be?

All of the ingredients are natural and work together SO awesomely! It helps to minimize pores, control acne and sebum, and increase your circulation as the clay formula absorbs excess oil. The abundance of soothing and moisturizing ingredients means that Pore Shrink will not over dry the skin, but will help control oil production.

  • Bentonite and Kaolin Clay formula absorbs excess oil
  • Organic Aloe Vera and Chamomile soothe skin and reduce inflammation
  • Detoxifying ingredients kill bacteria that cause break outs


The mask is a light purple color and smells like a lavender/mint mix. You put this on after your face has already been cleansed. You do NOT substitute this for your face cleaner, and don’t use it more than 3 times a week. I love the feeling it gives, it instantly soothes and has a cool tingle (like a product with menthol).

As it’s drying (you leave it on until it’s completely dry) you’ll notice your face becoming stiff. You’ll feel like that until it’s completely dry and you wash it off with warm/hot water. I then follow up with an exfoliating wash, toner, and moisturizer to complete the process.

I use an exfoliation cleanser after so that all the dirt and impurities that the mask pulls out is washed off. My face and pores feel so refreshed after I use this mask. I am definitely falling in love with it! I can’t believe how clean my pores look now. I have seen them become smaller, but not too much- it’s only been two weeks.

Warm Spring (LazyLens 20130725 080237 normal)

My skin looks tighter, brighter, and the texture has vastly improved. I couldn’t ask for a better mask! Organic, cheap, and REALLY works!

Buy it: Kiss My Face Pore Shrink Deep Cleansing Mask $8.32


The next item that I chose was also facial skincare, of course! Smile I got the MyChelle Apple Brightening Cream.

  • Reduce dark spots in just six short weeks
  • Slow down the skins' biological clock with antioxidant-rich renovage
  • This cream uses power-packed apple plant stem cells

This brightening cream is so rich and luxurious. It is thick and makes my skin feel so silky and lustrous after! It’s made with apple plant stem cells and daisy flower extract, to help tone and re-texturize skin.

I could tell immediately after opening the jar that it was made with apples even if it is the stem cells. It smells like applesauce or apple juice, YUM!  This cream uses power-packed apple plant stem cells to delay the natural aging process and trigger cell regeneration for a smooth, luminous complexion. It goes on very smoothly, sinks in pretty quickly, and isn’t sticky at all.


You use this after you’ve cleansed, toned, moisturized, and whatever else. This is used both day and night and is the last step, except in the morning. You put this under your sunblock in the morning, so it’s next to last.

Although I do not yet have dark spots or age spots, I will very shortly I’m sure. I tan on average 4 days a week. So, I know the spots are just one short turn away from appearing. I am trying to stop it from happening before it happens.


So, the MyChelle Apple Brightening Cream was absolutely perfect for me! It is a satiny light lotion cream. It isn’t thick enough to be considered a cream, yet it isn’t runny either. I only need a very small amount to get my entire face and neck. This jar is certain to last awhile in my house!


Just after the first week, I could already tell a huge difference in my complexion. My skin seemed more radiant and moisturized. It just seemed to “dew” up my face, yet not in an oily way. It smells so wonderful and this is definitely that we all need in our skin care regimen!


Buy It: MyChelle Apple Brightening Cream $27.99

For a lustrous and even-toned complexion, apply a quarter-size amount to face and neck AM and PM after cleansing, applying serums and misting. Follow with sun protection.For best results, use the entire Apple Brightening Series.

The third and last product that I received was the Veria ID Innerdosha™ VATA dosha Utterly Quenched Hand & Body Lotion.


Although I have oily facial skin, it’s the exact opposite with the rest of my body. 10x worse, especially since I’ve been going to the tanning bed on a regular basis. For your skin to hold a tan not only for a longer period of time, but for it to accept the extreme depth of tanning- your skin needs to be hydrated.

That’s where this lotion comes in. I’ve been using this to keep my skin hydrated since it came in the mail. It does an awesome job! It isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave any oily residue behind like some lotions do. It has a very feminine flowery smell to it, yet it isn’t overwhelming to those that are sensitive to smells.


It’s a very rich lotion without it being too thick like a body body. I love the consistency because it also isn’t runny. It’s PERFECT! I can apply this lotion to my hands and not worry that my keyboard or smartphone is going to be all oily with smears.

It sinks right in to the skin without a hitch! I’m pretty sure my skin has fallen in pure lust with this lotion!

Buy it: Veria ID Innerdosha™ VATA dosha Utterly Quenched Hand & Body Lotion $9.09


About Vitacost

If you’re tired of deciding between a good bargain and a good product, you’ll be happy to know that Vitacost.com offers savings up to 50% off retail on the healthy products you want and need, including vitamins, supplements, health foods, sports nutrition products, bath & beauty favorites, even home and pet products. Vitacost.com carries nearly 40,000 different healthy products. OK, so that’s not really endless, but it sure seems that way. Those products come from nearly 2,000 leading brands, including high-quality Vitacost brand products.

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