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Friday, September 27, 2013

Book Review: Fake It: More Than 100 Shortcuts Every Woman Needs to Know by Jennifer Byrne; Adams Media


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No one is perfect—but everyone can fake it

Let's get real. At one point or another, every woman has had to fake it—how else would we get everything done in a mere twenty-four hours? Fake It makes all those time-sucking tasks—such as doing the laundry, baking a homemade dessert for a school fundraiser, and maintaining a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene—seem effortless. With more than 100 shortcuts and wonderfully constructed white lies, you'll be able to fake it all, including:

  • An immaculate bathroom when the in-laws visit
  • Flawless skin for that big night out
  • Liking a crappy dinner at a friend's house
  • A tidy car on carpool day
  • Knowing the answer to your client's question
  • And yes, of course, faking an orgasm

So whether you're asked for your opinion about a stomach-turning outfit, really not feeling it in bed, or just too tired to clean the house, Fake It will give you the foolproof advice you need to get through all of life's situations.

My Review

Let’s be straight and honest with each other here. NO woman OR man is perfect. No matter how much they seem to THINK they are, act like they are, or STRIVE to be. People have imperfections and that’s OK—REALLY! I’m full of them, Smile 

There is absolutely no way on earth that we would get everything done on our to-do lists some days if we couldn’t pull of a little fakey fakey every once in awhile. This fabulously amazing book Fake It: More Than 100 Shortcuts Every Woman Needs to Know shows us women how to fake it perfectly!

Fake It takes those FOREVER THERE, energy draining thoughts or tasks and reveals insider secrets on how to accomplish it without feeling so tired you could fall into a coma after. You know what I’m talking about! Those days when your schedule is so full you might even have to eat your lunch standing up while writing that last memo to your boss! Ahh.. the life of a woman.. what a JOY! LOL

This isn’t your average LIFE HACK book that might show you how to create your own soap at home! NO- this isn’t THAT kind of faking it book. No, this book is HILARIOUS and just what every woman needs! This has some off the wall stuff that hits you like a ton of bricks! Like “WHAT?!!” “I can do that? Holy CRAP!” It’s THAT amazing!

Like for instance did you know that you can get a free birthday cake at restaurants even if it isn’t YOUR birthday? WOW! Or that you CAN get away with faking that O that’s never gonna happen tonight?

How about multi-tasking while talking on the phone? Fixing eyebrows when they are having a midlife crisis and want to go bald? Depuffing those HUGE black circles under your eyes that make you look like a zombie?

I love all the beauty and hair tips! They are spot-on and there are so many RIGHT there! You aren’t spending an hour or so googling ways to make your skin look flawless without looking like you’ve caked a million pounds of makeup on!

You KNOW those days when the texture of your skin just looks blah, you’ve gotten a zit at the very last moment before you have to give a huge presentation, or you have uneven skin you need to cover.. It’s all there!

What about faking your resume? When you really really want that certain position yet you don’t exactly qualify for it? OR if you already have a job and want a lazy day while looking like you just had the most productive day EVER!!

What about when unexpected guests show you to your house and you want to look like you’re an immaculate housekeeper. You don’t want them to know that you have bills spilling off and spitting out of your kitchen table! So, get this book and found out how to do ALL these amazing things!

I’ve had a blast reading this book! I love the extras that are in it.. like how to fake talking to a celebrity, fake an incoming call when a date goes south, and how to fake a homemade meal when you haven’t been home all day!!

Get it: Fake It: More Than 100 Shortcuts Every Woman Needs to Know $10.85

It would make the PERFECT gift for Christmas! Remember that!

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About the Author


Jennifer Byrne is a freelance writer whose work has appeared online at various humor websites, including McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Mental Floss, and The Rumpus' "Funny Women" column. She currently lives in Glassboro, New Jersey.






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