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Friday, September 13, 2013

Wipe it, Wipe it GOOD! Talking about Bums #LetsTalkBums


During our lifetime, it’s most likely that we end up spending almost 3 years on the toilet. WHOA, that’s a lot of time to be stuck in the bathroom doing your business! What do you do in there? Read, sing to yourself, think up an amazing excuse for getting out of housework for an hour. or accidentally falling asleep? Do you ever think about your butt/behind/bum/bottom wiping routine while you’re in there? No matter what your name for it is, it still needs to taken care of properly. How you could be cleaner and more comfy if you are just using regular old dry toilet paper?

I know what you’re thinking, I can already tell. I am NOT full of crap (couldn’t resist), you can look up the bathroom time fact for yourself! It IS indeed VERY true. As a mom, I KNOW I’ve spent more than that already most likely because I’ve wiped a lot of butts in my time having 2 kids! Did you ever notice that we wipe our babies/kids butts with wet wipes? That isn’t just for looks, it actually works better at removing all that nasty kid poop.

We use wet baby wipes on our kids because if not- we’d probably end up losing our minds from being forced to smell dirty butts all day. I DON’T see how dry toilet paper would EVER work on a baby or kid. Dry paper and baby/toddler poop? No thanks I’ll pass! That’s just asking for a giant mess (literally)!

What is this saying about US though? We use wet for our kids but ONLY dry for ourselves? Maybe we should have re-thought this situation a long time ago. How much cleaner and fresher would our behinds be if we added in wet wipes as well? I’m pretty sure both your family and your bum would be so thrilled it might just start dancing to “Thriller”. Of course, it would be the only one to hear, so you might want to hide in the bathroom for an extra minute. (shh.. we won’t tell that we already knew you were looking for an added excuse to hide in there anyway) Smile

Cottonelle has definitely re-thought the dry paper bit and decided that dry paper is overrated and needed something more. They’ve come up with a wet flushable wipe that everybody in your family can use! (You can’t hog all the wet T.P like you do the chocolate Mom lol).

If you’re beginning to think that I may HAVE just went bat crap crazy from using too much dry toilet paper in my life- I haven’t. As an ambassador for Cottonelle, I am getting paid to talk about wiping and butts with you.

I mean- as moms it’s part of our daily conversations when our kids are small anyway. Babies and their diapers, toddlers never ending poop, and boys and their messy wiping jobs! Why be shocked or embarrassed to talk about our bodies? It’s a daily part of our lives. So, when you see #LetsTalkBums you know I will REALLY be talking about bums!

Your families butts will definitely thank you for reading these posts! oh yes, the bum talk is just beginning!

"Disclosure: I am bringing this post to you through my partnership with Cottonelle, their new Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths, and sharing the news about their #LetsTalkBums campaign."

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