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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cinda B: Resorter II Bag Review #HolidayGiftGuide2013


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Bridging the gap between handbags and travel bags is the Resorter II bag. Versatile enough to lounge by the pool or shop the local market. The secret of our Resorter's success is the removable inner pocket. Just stash your ID, cards, valuables and cash in it, then snap it out to dash in for a latte--no need to carry your whole bag! Available in brown patterns, black patterns, white patterns, grey patterns and more. Get yours today!

My Review

Stylish Southern Mama loves to share items that are made right here in the United States! Cinda B is an amazing company that has a variety of designs in a beautiful array of colors!  The holidays are upon us, as hard as that may seem. This year has flown by really fast, but think how amazing it would be to take your own bag from Cinda B to hold your essentials in style on your trips this year!


I loved searching through the website and seeing all the different bags, different colors, in all shapes and sizes. Cosmetic Bags big and small, Laptop Sleeves, beach bags, carry on bags, satchels, lunch bags, diaper bags.. you name it.. Cinda B has it! Smile


Cinda B sent me their Resorter bag in Casablanca Sky Blue. It was definitely hard for me to choose a color because I am a SUCKER for color! I love how modern, beautiful, and remarkable the color varieties are. They definitely know how to color complement! Usually each bag has at least 5-7 color choices, how AWESOME is that?


I was stunned at how spacious and beautifully the Resorter is designed. It is definitely designed with traveling in mind! I have room for at least 5 changes of clothes, a change of shoes, makeup & hair essentials, a book or tablet, and much more!

Cinda B bags are made of beautifully quilted fabric that is high quality and machine washable! The fabric is water and dirt resistant.. I KNOW every single mom reading this just stopped reading and was like “WHATTTTT? You’ve GOT to be kidding me?” I surely am NOT kidding! Resistant to those sticky little fingered people we call kids! Smile OH, and for added effect the fabric will NEVER fade, turning into a dull washed out color! It will always remain the beautiful vibrant color it arrives it.


The line features SO many addictive pieces that you may just turn into a Cinda B hoarder! I am NOT kidding one bit. Most of the bags have the same color lines or something similar that would look amazing with it. So EVERY SINGLE product that they have has the potential of walking its way into your beautifully color coordinated life.


This is a picture of the inside of the bag without anything inside of it. Look how much room is in there! WOW! The beautiful contrasting fabric inside (and on both sides on the outside). That’s what makes these bags so unique and beautiful! I’ve gotten so many “That is absolutely beautiful, where did you get it?”


This is a picture of clothing inside the bag. On the left there are 5 pair of pants with socks and underwear/bra underneath. The right side there are about 8 shirts (I always have a harder time choosing shirts to wear then pants). There is still room to stick MORE. I could easily fit a pair of shoes inside if I wanted.


The bottom (when you turn it inside out) has a cardboard insert. This is TOUGH cardboard, high quality and stiff so it can hold a LOT of weight. I can easily slip the cardboard insert in and out so I can throw the bag in the wash!


There is a detachable zipper pocket. I LOVE this! I can put my makeup/deodorant/hair supplies inside the pocket. When I need it I can just unsnap the pocket and use whatever I need and snap it back into place. That way I don’t have to carry the entire bag with me into the bathroom.


On the other side is 3 pockets (non-detachable). The biggest pocket can hold a phone, small notebook, a lot of pens, or whatever! I put a comb and deep hair treatment inside for right now! Then there is a smaller pocket (I put a tub of vitamins inside it) It could easily fit my flat iron inside of it! Last there is the tiny pen pocket!


There is a deep pocket on each side of the tote. Phones, smaller tablets, keys, sunglasses, coin purses, passports, wallets.. anything you need RIGHT at the tip of your fingers! This tote is nothing short of absolutely fabulous with plenty of pockets, compartments, clasps, zippers, snaps and straps — making them unique, functional and fun!


Get Yours: Cinda B Resorter II Bag $126

The Cinda b bags are created by Atlanta-based designer Cinda Boomershine. Cinda b handbags, totes, travel bags, baby bags and accessories are all custom-designed using the latest durable, poly/nylon fabrics and fashion-forward color schemes, patterns and silhouettes. With active lifestyles in mind, cinda b bags are practical and versatile, yet classy and chic. Each cinda b is personally designed by Cinda Boomershine herself, with the latest trends in style, color and you in mind.

Watch for the Giveaway! Coming soon! Smile

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