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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eddie Bauer Adventurer Backpack Review #2013HolidayGiftGuide

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This is one of Eddie Bauer’s most favored daypacks, and I can totally see why. The Eddie Bauer Adventurer Backpack has everything I‘ve been looking for. It is big enough for all of my necessary items, is lightweight, has tons of pockets, and comes in a variety of colors! I can easily carry this backpack around with me all day without it being uncomfortable.


The adventurer backpack is extremely durable and dependable. I don’t have to worry about a strap breaking, a zipper snapping off, or it not having the strength to hold my laptop. It is one of the largest backpacks that they make. It’s built for someone who needs a strong, durable backpack that will meet their needs for years to come!


It has numerous features that make it comfortable and useful, even when the backpack is fully loaded down. The back panel is made out of padded air mesh and foam. This helps keep the majority of the weight from being right on my spine. It is actually relaxing the way that it molds to my back and keeps my laptop or binders from poking me in the back.

The contoured shoulder straps definitely are a MAJOR bonus. Most backpacks don’t offer padded shoulder straps and it shows within the first hour. Without the padding my shoulders would start burning and aching from all the pain. With these straps, I feel absolutely no pain at all because the padding shields my shoulders! They are adjustable too, which makes the backpack even more comfortable.

This backpack also comes with a sternum strap & stowable waist belt. This is what hiking backpacks use to keep the waist balanced off your back. Genius idea, it really helps when you have a heavy load and have a long way to walk to class or if you have to wear it for a long time.


It also has a safety whistle on the sternum strap. The sternum and waist straps definitely make the load seem 10 times lighter when the weight is shifted and balanced, not just put on your shoulders and back. The waist belt is able to be hidden and tucked away inside the backpack, so that isn’t dangling or getting in the way when it isn’t in use.


I love that there are various zipper compartments in a variety of places. This includes a zipper compartment that allows direct access to my laptop. I can slip my laptop in and out of this compartment with ease. I can write while waiting at the doctor, at the park, or wherever and I don’t have to fight with getting the laptop in the main compartment with all my binders and papers! It is just so convenient and makes it easy to get stuff done!


I love that the backpack comes with a Velcro strip to secure my laptop inside very easily. This isn’t an easy task when you have a 17’ laptop. I looked everywhere for a backpack or even carrying case for a 17’ and couldn’t find one of good quality until now. This holds my laptop with ease and secures it. I love the fact that it’s padded as well. It keeps my laptop safe from slight bangs or bumps if someone accidentally knocks into me, or knocks my backpack over!


  I love how spacious the main compartment is. I can easily put my laptop, 2 full sized binders, a couple notebooks, and some books without having trouble zipping it up. It’s very roomy and definitely has more space than a normal backpack! I don’t have to decide between this binder or that one, I can carry it all!


Inside the second compartment is a lot of extra space to fit everything I need to carry with me at all times. I can put my pens in the pen slots and unused index cards in the bigger zipper compartment. I can put my SD cards and USB flash drives in the mesh compartment on the side. My keys on the key fob, and my index cards I’ve written notes on along with my business cards in the smaller card slots!


On one side of the backpack is a mesh drink compartment. I can store my Cool Gear Canned drink, a 20’ coke, or a water bottle. That way my hands are always free, I really like that. I also like that I don’t have to worry about the drink sweating on the stuff inside my backpack. The outside keeps the stuff on the inside safe from the condensation. On the other side is a hidden compartment where you can hide your credit card/debit card/money or whatever!


The outer mesh compartment can be used for anything and everything. During spur of the moments, I usually push my jacket or sweater inside of it. It can be used for smaller notebooks, more supplies (pencils, pens, sketchbook, reading book, tablet).


I am IN LOVE with this backpack! I love everything about it. Especially the fact that they have so many color options. Usually I can’t find a backpack that has my favorite color on it (lime green) and wa-lah! Eddie Bauer hit the spot!


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