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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall Fashion Trend: Rockin’ Skinny Jeans with The Jean Girl

The 2013 Fall Fashion Trend is all about being bold without being too extravagant, being comfortable while still flattering your figure, and making your own unique statement! This years trends have “wear me” written all over them! This is a year that you don’t want to miss out on!

The 2013 Fashion Trends is all about rocking color while looking fabulous doing it. Color isn’t a bad thing, ya know. While some people adore color, some people would rather avoid it. You can add it into your wardrobe without overdoing it though! Color attracts the eye and actually (A TRUE fact) boosts your mood!


The Jean Girl Shop has everything that you need to rock this new fall look! Shopping online has never been more irresistible than now, because everything in the webstore is absolutely gorgeous. They carry dresses, tees, skirts, dresses, jeans, shoes, jackets/coats, and even accessories.


This year has brought back the skinny jeans and added color to them to make them even more alluring and stunning. I adore the fact that they not only have various colors to choose from but mix it up with polka dots and floral!

Skinny jeans can be worn in a variety of ways, all of which look nothing short of amazing!

  • Bright colored skinny jeans (yellow, coral, orange) look stunning when combined with a dark colored blazer or cardigan. It emits a classic, sophisticated prepster style.

  • Coral and orange skinny jeans can be paired beautifully with other bright colors (think yellow/colbat/teal). Mixing them with white and navy/denim is also a guaranteed show stopper,

  • Partnering the intensity of red colored skinny jeans with more bright color is awe-inspiring. The best brights to mix with are yellow, hot pink, and orange. If you would like to pair the jeans with a white top and add the color in a different form; such as an accessory, that way it’s just a POP of extra color.
Ashlee Keating in red pants paired with a print.
David Livingston/Getty Images
  • I really like the contrasting yet beautifully constructed look that matching brights with a print produces. Solid jeans paired with a print/patterned top that has a pop of the same color (as the jeans). Or you could vice vera it and get patterned skinny jeans and a solid top.

  • Yellow is the new black. Yellow looks amazing when paired with any other bright color. Doesn’t matter it’s orange, hot pink, lime green… etc. Any color skinny jeans with a yellow top/cardigan/sweater. The yellow adds pop to the other color! You could also just add the yellow in with an accessory (jewelry, purse, or shoes) if you aren’t comfortable wearing two bright colors together.. wear a white shirt with your skinny jeans and add your accessory making it yellow.

  • Bright colored pants also look stunning when blended with a black top and accessories. This definitely lets your jeans take the spotlight, while completing your gorgeous look. TIP: Skip orange/black mixture though- you’ll look like a walking Halloween parade.

Complete your look with The Jean Girl! She has beautiful colored accessories to complete your color mix.

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