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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kohl’s: One Stop Halloween Shopping! (Deluxe Ladybug & X-Ray Skeleton Costumes Reviews)


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My kids love to play dress up, and so they especially love Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, the kids dress up around here when it ISN’T Halloween. Doctors, super hero's, ninja’s,  princesses, mermaids, cowboys.. you name it.. Smile So when I got a chance to work with Kohl’s and their amazing selection of costumes, I was ecstatic.


They have a wide selection of costumes for the entire family. I had tons of fun just browsing the different costumes in each section; baby, toddler, kids, and even adult. I especially loved that they offered “group” costumes. That way the whole family could dress in a “theme”. We went as the Flintstones & My best friend, her husband and their son went as the Rubbles one year and it was SO fun.


I was searching through the girls’ costumes and it was hard for me because there were so many! So many unique costumes that would be so adorable on my daughter. There was the punk skeleton, mermaid, Monster High, and Mad Hatter that caught my eye at first. There just aren’t many costumes like that around!


I called my daughter over to the computer and asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, and she chose the Deluxe Ladybug Costume. It’s a polka-dot ladybug costume that comes with a long-sleeved leotard that is connected to the tutu, headpiece, wand, wings, and the red shoe puffs.


Of course as soon as it came in the mail, she wanted to put it on! She was SO happy, jumping up and down. (Oh, and asking me every 5 seconds if it was Halloween yet.) I was amazed at how well the costume fit her. Usually I have to get a size up because she is thick for her age.


She was cracking me up running through the house buzzing like a bee. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know that ladybugs don’t make any noise. Either way it was pretty funny and cute! She was shaking her butt and buzzing for a good 15 minutes! Smile Kids, got to love em’!

She really loves that it came with a tutu and a wand! She wanted to wear this ALL day and the day after! I’m pretty sure she’d live in this if I let her! The quality of the costume is amazing! The wings are very big, and they add the extra element by adding glitter to the polka dots! The headpiece and wand have already been through hades and back, so I know that they are exceptional quality!

I hadn’t had the chance to get her any tights or black boots yet, but that’s all we need to complete her outfit! I love that she LOVES the costume. The costume is just too cute, she’s already gotten a ton of compliments on it (because she bounded up to everyone telling that she WAS a ladybug and to look, look, look at her costume).

The leotard is made out of Polyester, so it’s quite warm itself. We are going to add another black long sleeve shirt underneath that way we don’t have to cover the costume with a jacket later on in the evening on Halloween when the temperatures drop. The tutu is made from a tulle fabric, and looks SO gorgeous and shiny! I love the added black trim at the bottom, that brings the entire costume together.

The only thing I wish they hadn’t included was the red feather boa around the neck/wrist of the leotard. She says it itches her. So hopefully me adding another shirt underneath will prevent that.

The Deluxe Ladybug Costume is on sale for only $26.24

Or if your daughter would like a short sleeve ladybug costume, they also have the Lady Bug Cutie Costume for $27.99


I love that they had such a variety of costumes at cheap prices! My son is getting older now, so he didn’t want what he called a “baby costume.” When I say older, I mean 7 (yeah, we are already going through this at 7 lol).


So, as I was scrolling through the boys’ costumes, I was sure to keep an eye out for something “NOT-babyish)! There were a ton of really cool costumes. They had a ton of superhero costumes ranging from Spiderman to Ironman. I thought it was awesome they brought back the Ninja Turtles! There was Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of Caribbean, Dracula, Darth Vader and so much more.


As I was scrolling through, my site landed on the X-ray Skeleton Costume. I just kept thinking that it was simple yet something he would really like. It’s just a black jumpsuit with white skeleton graphic and the Skeleton face mask completes the costume!


Aidan really liked it. He kept going up to the people that were coming over and saying “Am I scary?” That’s the reason he wanted an “older kid” costume because he wanted to be scary. I’m glad that I chose right for him! He really likes the costume and can’t wait for trick-or-treating!

The jumpsuit and mask are easy to put on over top of clothes and easy to get off as well. I like costumes like this because most of the time it can get really cool here on Halloween, I hate taking them door-to-door thinking about whether or not they are cold. Even if they were freezing their toes off, they’d tell me no! I usually pack a jacket with us, but it hides the costumes! So I try and layer them up under their costumes. That way they stay warm, but the costumes can still be seen!

X-ray Skeleton Costume is on sale for $18.74

Kohl’s is definitely a GO-TO place for everything including costumes! We will definitely be shopping online for our costumes next year. It’s just SO much easier than trying to get into the stores around here the third week of September because everything good is gone before October even hits!

So, do YOUR Halloween shopping online! It’s amazing what you can accomplish!


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