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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pinch Provisions: Good Luck Minimergency Kit Review


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Sometimes praying to the fashion gods just isn’t enough. Luck favors the prepared. That’s why Pinch Provisions has taken our classic Minimergency® Kits to a whole new luxe level with the Good Luck Series. The Good Luck Series features rich, saturated patent pouches in ten on-trend colors: Cherry Red, Eggplant, Yellow, Periwinkle, Neon Pink, Black, Taupe, Cobalt Blue, Coral, and Green. Each bag is adorned with one of five good luck charms: a Chinese symbol of good fortune, a wishbone, an evil eye (to ward off wardrobe malfunctions), a horseshoe, and a four-leaf clover. Measures 3.5" x 2 " x 2".

The Good Luck Minimergency Kit contains anything a gal might need...IN A PINCH®. Includes 17 must-haves: hairspray, clear nail polish, nail polish remover, emery board, lip balm, earring backs, clear elastics, safety pin, mending kit, Shemergency® tape, stain remover, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, tampon, breath freshener, dental floss, and an adhesive bandage

My Review


No matter where you see me, chances are that you will see me packing a large purse with a ton of stuff in it. I don’t know how many times Adam has looked at me and said “I’m pretty sure you carry everything in there but the kitchen sink.” I’m pretty sure he’s right!

I can‘t go anywhere without my “essentials.” This consists of things I “think” I might need. Deodorant, Perfume, makeup case, lotion, wallet, and tons of other stuff. If I don’t bring it, I start thinking “I might’ve needed that.” How else can I freshen up if I don’t have it? LOL


This darling little mini clutch is an amazing way to embellish and organize your purse. It contains 17 REAL essentials that are ready to come to your aide if need be. It includes:

hairspray, clear nail polish, stain remover, nail polish remover, an emery board, lip balm, two metal earring backs, two clear elastics, a mending kit with a needle and four colors of thread, a safety pin, double-sided tape, a deodorant towelette, two Advil, breath freshener, dental floss, an adhesive bandage and a tampon.


They sent me the Taupe GOOD LUCK MINIMERGENCY® KIT, which comes with a Wishbone zipper pull. It is an adorable companion to have with me at all times, putting all these “emergency items” right at my reach. I never have to dig in my gigantic purse looking for a small item! Also, because it’s so small, it makes it easier to just slip in a smaller purse and GO!


Half of these items can be used more than one time. For example, the mini lip balm contains more than 100+ uses. The shemergency double sided tape comes in a resealable package, so it can be used more than once. The hair spray, dental floss, earring backs, breath freshener, nail polish, mending kit, emery board, elastics and safety pin can definitely be used more than once.

The rest of the items come in a one-time use packet. That’s a lot of helpful items for only $15, and when all those items are used up, you can always buy a refill kit. OR if you’re like me, I’m just going to buy an entire new bag (just so I can collect them) LOL.

Don’t let the tiny size deceive you, it really does have everything you might need. The quality of the products are very high quality and would make amazing stocking stuffers! They would even be a great gift to give a college student or someone at the office!

Great things DO come in small packages!


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Jessica Renee


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