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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rejuve Vape Juice Pen Kit Review


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The Rejuve Juice Pen™ is a rechargeable, refillable, and customizable vape pen. This vape pen kit features a 650mAh premium battery and vapor technology to produce a smooth yet robust smoking experience without harmful secondhand smoke, tar, carcinogens, or lingering odors. The Rejuve Vape Pen can be refilled with any PG, VG, or PG/VG liquid vapor (aka "e-liquid" or "vape juice") including our own Rejuve Premium Vape Juice, which comes in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels from 0mg to 18mg.

My Review


I have been smoking cigarettes for awhile now. I’ve wanted to stop smoking (or at least slack down) for awhile now, but nothing has worked for me. I have tried numerous electronic cigarettes but not one of them gave me the feeling that a real cigarette does. The smoke never truly felt like it was helping me much at all.

The Rejuve Juice Pen is different than most e-cigs because it is re-chargeable and re-fillable. It also helps save battery waste in the end because it lasts so long. It has absolutely no tar, smoke, or carcinogens. It comes in a variety of flavors and each flavor offers 0mg-12mg.

The Rejuve Juice Pen Kit comes with a charger and the battery inside is a 650mAh premium that is guaranteed to last almost year. It is fully charged, so you can just put the juice in and start vaping right away. The flavor that comes in the pack is Italian Coffee and is 0mg in nicotine.

The electronic disposable cigarettes haven’t gotten many compliments, no matter what brand. Sure there were a few brands that stood out, but most were the same. Any of the “flavors” didn’t taste as they said. Most sensed a burnt coffee flavor instead of the “tobacco” flavor. Even the menthol flavors weren’t producing the “cooling sensation” that a regular menthol cigarette gives.

They are disposable, so it’s just LIKE buying a regular pack of cigarettes other than it doesn’t have the tar. This means that once they are done, they’re done. No recharging, you have to buy another pack of disposables. When I used them, they didn’t give me a feeling like I’d JUST smoked a cigarette.. it wasn’t fulfilling the “need” that smokers have.

The rechargeable electronic cigarettes are better than the disposable, but the prices are much steeper. To get a starter pack, it could be anywhere from $75-$200. Once the cartridges run out you still have to buy more cartridges. Sure they don’t contain the tar or carcinogens that a regular cigarette has, but if you are trying to quit because it’s costly—this isn’t the path you should take.

That’s the reason Rejuve Juice Pen and Juices stand out to me. It is such an amazing alternative to both the disposable and e-cigarette. They are refillable, rechargeable, and the juices are super cheap. Together this will save you 1/5 of the money you’d spend on either disposables or e-cigarettes.

The quality of the pen is amazing, doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of, and only takes seconds to refill. The quality of the vapor is also amazing, When I smoke from the Rejuve pen, it actually feels like I’m smoking a flavored cigarette. So it fulfills the “need” that I have as a smoker. It keeps that antsy feeling away because the vapor actually does feel like it enters the lungs, whereas the others didn’t to me.

The battery can be charged right from the computer. The charger has a USB plug that fits in any normal USB socket and doesn’t take hardly any time to recharge! You just screw the bottom (the battery) into the opening of the pen and the light turns red. When the battery is fully charged, the light will turn green.


I love the fact that I can mix and match the juices inside the Rejuve pen to create tons of different tastes. I loved the 2 juices that I was sent- the Bombay Mango & the Fiji Apple. Both taste true to what they are and YES taste amazing when smoked as an alternative to a cigarette.

Get YOURS: The best part IS the Rejuve Juice Pen Kit starter pack is ONLY $29.99

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Jessica Renee


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