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Monday, October 28, 2013

Toy Review: Educational Insights- The Sea Squad™ Puppet-on-a-Stick™ #HolidayGiftGuide2013


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Meet The Sea Squad: Flipper the anglerfish, Dipper the octopus, Chomper the shark, and Bob the clam. Their googly eyes, vivid colors, and hilarious expressions will inspire all sorts of creative play in an instant. Children will flip over these silly creatures from the sea as they dive into worlds of dramatic play, while developing communication skills and practicing real and imaginary dialogue!

Pretend play and puppet shows become a splash with these comical marine friends and story time is transformed into an adventure. Our kid-approved, patent-pending design marries an easy-glide child-sized thumb lever and a chunky, secondary knob, giving kids (and adults who need a good giggle) two ways to articulate each puppet’s mouth.

Built to last through many childhoods, each puppet’s soft-touch molded body reinforce our hallmark Educational Insights quality standard. Take a swim with The Sea Squad! Grades Pre-K+ -

My Review


  • Go fishing for fun; Meet Flipper, Dipper, Chomper and Bob

Aidan and Adisyn had nearly jumped out of their skin with excitement when they seen the box for the The Sea Squad™ Puppet-on-a-Stick. They fidgeted and bugged me until I opened the box and gave them their sea creature stick puppets.

The box comes with 4 stick puppets; 1 clam, 1 shark, 1 octopus, and 1 angler fish. They have an easy-glide thumb lever that fits perfectly to child sized fingers. They are very easy to push down and don’t require much hand strength.

They also have a chunky, secondary knob that gives the kid a second way to operate the puppets mouth. These puppets have already seen tons of play time in this house. The kids have re-named the puppets and create little stories and plays for them to star in.

These puppets are perfect for numerous things; story time, plays, imaginative play, etc. They are made of extremely durable plastic and bigger than I imagined they would be, which I love. They’ve already been through drops, being accidentally run over by Aidan’s scooter, and much more and are still going strong!

They are brightly colored and definitely attract and keep the attention of kids. Even my ten year old stepson Alex couldn’t resist joining in on the fun when he came for the weekend. They played well over an hour just the first night that Alex was here.

I love the fact that they aren’t only growing their imagination but learning as well. These would be perfect for any Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom. They would make an awesome addition to any Under the Sea lessons.

I am definitely thinking about buying a box for Adisyn’s class. They have different “learning” weeks. One week will be Zoo week where they learn about the animals that are in the zoo, one week is firefighter week where they learn about firefighters and their jobs. I would definitely like to see an Under the Sea week, how cool would that be.

This would make an awesome present for any kid or teacher! Get yours!

The Sea Squad™ Puppet-on-a-Stick $39.99

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