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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Home Decor Review: City Creek Candles- Amazing Wax Melts

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Everybody that knows me knows that I am CRAZY about fragrances; candles, plug-ins, air fresheners. I want people to stop when they walk in my home and say “mmm, what’s that smell?” It’s always a nice feeling!

City Creek Candles sent me a wide variety of products, you may remember my City Creek Candles Heritage Candle Collection Review. I absolutely loved everything about the candles. They come in beautiful vase like holders, are non-toxic and smell amazing.

Well, City Creek Candles also sent me 2 warmers and a variety of the wax tarts to review as well. I wanted to break the reviews up that way you readers wouldn’t have so much information to process at the same time! Smile

Their Candle Warmers come from their sister site Candle Warmers Etc. They sell TONS of varieties of warmers. They have plug-ins, lamp style warmers, and the plate warmers. They are all so irresistible. I love the decoration ones, especially the ones that come out during the holidays! They are an amazingly simple way to add decoration to your home.

Candle warmers are amazing. If you haven’t converted at least one typical candle over to a warmer, you’re missing out. Especially, you have small kids. Flames aren’t such a great idea
They sent me a full sized warmer and a plug-in warmer.
They sent me their new Chevron Illumination Warmer.  This design is so unlike any other warmer I’ve ever seen. The chevron cut outs in the ceramic display a beautiful illumination. It is about as bright as a nightlight but casts a warm glow and terrific smell!

No matter what scents are put in this warmer, it REALLY puts the fragrance out there. I love that I can put this in my living room and smell it throughout the house. The low wide bowl makes it easier for the wax to melt evenly and give off more fragrance!

It heats up very quickly and yet doesn’t get too hot. I don’t have to worry that my kids are going to cause an accident or get hurt. I can use wax melts, tarts, or liquid potpourri so if you prefer one over the other—it allows you to use whatever you choose.
This Pebblestone Plug In Fragrance Warmer is perfect for your office or bathroom. I put this one in the hallway and want another for the bathroom. It is the perfect size for a smaller room, quickly basking the room in a light ambiance, while slowly releasing the scent.

I put some of the Escape to Paradise wax melts in this and it really smelled amazing. This plug-in works better than some bigger warmers I’ve seen. It is a pretty color and I love the designs on the outside.

We’ve all had the problem of not KNOWING whether a candle, tart, or melt will smell as great as it’s supposed to. All the wax melts they sent me smelled RIGHT on target!  There weren’t any that were overpowering or scents that were lacking that were sent!

Escape to Paradise Wax Melts-Sea salted driftwood, warm sands, windswept grasses and a hint of sugared papaya
Frosted Cake Wax Melts--Decadent white cake layered with sweet, rich vanilla buttercream
Woodland Blackberry Wax Melts-Fresh pine, cassis, and tonka with vine-ripened blackberry highlights

Connect with City Creek Candles online:

Facebook as well as the City Creek Candles website
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