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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Therafit Deborah Women's Sneaker Review

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Shoes are absolutely essential to humans. Could you imagine walking into work without a pair of shoes on? It’d be kind of difficult, don’t you think? Distracting in the least. Shoes are something we NEED, and we can choose comfort and style at the same time.

We have different types of shoes for a variety of needs. We wouldn’t think of seeing a football player in a ballerinas shoes. Nor would our minds understand seeing a dancer in a pair of cleats? Could you imagine someone walking a long distance in a pair of heels? No, because we need different shoes for different things.

Walking and running definitely needs a certain type of shoe. They need to be comfortable, because ill fitting shoes cause more strain on our bodies. Dr. Lisa Masterson from the Emmy Award winning series “The Doctors” created a shoe designed to keep women comfortable no matter what they are doing while improving their health.

I was sent the Therafit Deborah Sneaker in Black/White. I fell in love on the first use. They feel like they were designed to fit my feet. Every time I put these on and lace them up my feet smile. They mold to the contours of my feet while also providing cushion.


Usually a shoe would do 1 out  of the 2 for me but never both. Usually running shoes mold easily to your feet but don’t provide enough cushion. Walking shoes are the opposite, they provide cushion without the shoes properly syncing with my feet. These shoes do both, and it feels amazing.


Therafit shoes have a PCS which is a Personalized Comfort System. The PCS allows you to adjust 3 separate “pins” inside the shoe. These pins are what absorb the shock and impact of your feet hitting the ground when you walk/run. If you can see in the picture, I’ve slid the first “pin” in a little ways so you could see what I’m talking about. They are very easy to slide in/out.

I haven’t had to adjust any of mine yet. I like the way they protect my feet as they are already adjusted. I’ve never felt this much protection with this lightweight of a shoe. They are as lightweight a other athletic running shoes, yet offer comfort and cushion as a walking shoe would.

Walking shoes are usually extremely heavy because of the added cushion within the soles. It can be troublesome if you want to jog and/or run. These shoes are different because I can walk/jog/run and NOT feel like I’ve got a concrete block on the end of my foot.
They also rank A+ for long distance comfort. Usually after a little while of jogging or running there would be certain spots in my feet that would begin hurting with other running shoes. That’s because they are built to be lightweight for a faster running time. These are built for speed and comfort, so it’s a win-win.
As you already know, I love color. I love the fact that these shoes come in a variety of color, and the colors are vibrant and bright. I definitely want those bright pinks ones, they are next on my list!

They provide a lot of support to every part of your foot; from the toe to the heel. Therafit shoes are built and developed around 4 key characters: comfort, customer, community, & charity. They are also endorsed by the National Posture Institute because of the comfort and protection they give while reducing aches and pains.

Get Yours: Therafit Deborah Sneaker black/white $95
Find Therafit on Facebook & Twitter.
You can purchase your own pair of Therafit shoes at therafitshoe.com.

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