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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S4 Build Your Own Defender Series Case #HolidayGiftGuide2013 #VZWlife


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Since I’ve upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s become a constant companion to me. It’s become a necessity for keeping me organized, on time, and entertained. I wanted to make sure that it remains in one piece, so I started checking out the Otterbox Galaxy S4 Defender Series Build Your Own Case.

My kids play games and watch cartoons on my phone, so I needed tough. I needed to know that the case offered great protection and definite stability should there be an accidental drop. This Galaxy S4 case is made of three layers that work together to protect when I least expect it and needed it the most.


  • Multi-layered case includes a polycarbonate inner layer, built-in screen protector and outer slipcover


Two-piece polycarbonate plastic inner shell snaps together around the phone. It fits snugly, while allowing access to the charger port and speaker jack. It also allows access to the camera without the flash catching any part of the shell.



There are ten different colors available for the plastic inner layer. Of course, I chose the lime green! I loved that lime was an option, since it is my absolute favorite color! I really love how the other colors look as well though. There are so many different looks you can create just with the inner/outer shells.


The inner layer contains a built in screen protector. I love this because it keeps my phone fingerprint free while my kids are playing with it. It doesn’t effect the ability of the touch-screen on the phone either, which I also love.

I can text or send an email with very receptive touch ability with the screen protection and plastic case on. My kids can play their games without getting anything directly on the screen, which is awesome! It protects against scratches and smudges without comprimising anything!


The outer shell is rubber, so it absorbs the shock of an accidental drop. I’ve had my share of “oh NO” moments already and am SUPER glad that the phone was protected by an Otterbox. It fell screen first onto the floor after my daughter stood up and forgot it was on her lap. After a gasp and quick inspection… there was NO damage! Smile




The rubberized outer shell is available in 8 different colors. Mixed with the inner case, there are 80 different varieties you could make with them! How awesome is that? Whether it’s your favorite colors, your school colors, or your favorite teams colors!



This case has been awarded the Best Case/Accessory for the S4 by both Business Insider & PC Mag! This is for great reason! It is tough and rugged yet looks amazing! It allows access to all jacks, charging ports while also offering protection from dust.


Each layer is easy to get on, taking under a minute to fully complete the setup. If you have to take them off, the inside layer is pretty tough to get off. I’ve figured it out and it’s easy now—just work one side (left) and work your way around, unsnapping as you go.


I couldn’t imagine not having the Otterbox to protect my S4. The phone is extremely light and thin, and seems very delicate without the case. I’m in love with my case, and you could be as well! Get yours now!

Otterbox Galaxy S4 Defender Series Build Your Own Case $59.90

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