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Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Select The Best Office Chairs


An office chair is something that most people take for granted. In fact if you asked most people about what kind of office chair they have, they will look at you with a blank expression. It's the same kind of question as what kind of gas do you put into your car. People just generally don't know. If it's served at a forecourt and it goes inside the car they will fill up and drive off. Same goes for office furniture, especially chairs. In most companies the phrase “cheapest is best” comes to mind. But of course this is a false economy. Most people work at least 7 to 8 hour days, and at least 6 of those hours are sat in a chair. I you have an office job. So it is very important, in fact it is imperative that you have good office chairs. Anything less is a disservice to yourself and to your people as a whole. Having said that they don't have to be super expensive, you can get all sorts of chairs for the home office or the office environment.

1: Classic Simple

Simple un-cushioned plastic chairs which are ergonomically designed to fit the human back and posterior. These chairs are best suited short use activities such as laboratories where the lab assistant will be sitting for 20 to 30 minutes per time before getting up and walking around. Stores like Great Deal Furniture has chairs starting from $135 + you can receive free shipping within USA.

2: Cushioned

Cushioned chairs are usually similar in design to the plastic chairs but they have quilting or cushioning for prolonged periods of sitting. Ideal for receptionists or data input clerks or purchase or sales ledger clerks and accounts departments. Grey seems to be the usual colour as it an easy to clean colour.

3: Executive

Leather executive chairs, these chairs are usually reserved for executive management. Or people who have to sit for a long period of time. They're usually fairly expensive in comparison to the standard office chairs. But they offer that luxury and comfort only afforded by the use of the best quality materials. You can look at Sit4life collection because they have huge range of office and home chairs.

As you can see finding a good quality office chair is imperative to the health and safety of your co-workers. Moreover is it detrimental to buy cheap office chairs. They also tend to break quicker and therefore you are paying twice for an item that you could just pay for once if you bought the best quality in the first place. The range of office chairs available is as wide as the applications they are designed for. But the old maxim of “you get what you pay for” still stands whatever the office it needs to live in.




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