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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guest Post: 8 Rainy Day Ideas To Cure Boredom Blues

8 Rainy Day Ideas To Cure Boredom Blues

Gloomy weather can ruin even the happiest of moods. Ward off boredom (and insanity) for both you and your kids with fun activities that will keep them from feeling cooped up.

In order to cure children’s boredom, have these stashed in your back pocket for the next rainy day so that the dreary weather will not dampen their spirits:

1. Build A Fort

Not only will children be occupied with the task of building a fort, they will be entertained for hours playing inside of something that is not part of their everyday life. In fact, be prepared that they might want to sleep in it.

And, if created near a TV, have a lazy movie date underneath the fort. Bring out the popcorn and juice, pop on a movie, and relax.

For anyone without TV, prepare ahead of time for the rainy day, and use http://www.saveontvdirect.com/ to find an inexpensive package.

2. Have An Indoor Treasure Hunt

Keep a child’s day lively with a treasure hunt. Create a few clues the children have to solve in order to find the final treasure. Once they find it, have a prize ready they can cash in on. Whether it is actual cash or some chocolate coins, the kids will love it either way.

3. Baking Day

Although this entails a messy kitchen, spending the day making delicious treats will keep even the liveliest of children entertained. Not only family bonding and hands on activity, it also yields a tasty end result that kids will absolutely love.

4. Arts And Crafts

Have special arts and crafts set-aside specifically for rainy days. Fun stamps, glitter pens, stickers, or special markers that are only used during rainy days can provide hours of entertainment especially for those who enjoy art projects. Because these craft tools are special, children will actually look forward to rainy days instead of dreading them.

5. Camp Inside (Or Outside)

For pop-up or small dome tents, it is easy to set up camp for your kids indoors. Do campfire activities such as picnicking inside of the tent, eating s’mores, and telling stories.

For the more adventurous folks, set up a waterproof tent outside where kids can experience the rain without getting wet or muddy.

6. Mad Libs

Spend the afternoon coming up with your best noun, verb, or adjective to create the most hilarious, sidesplitting stories. Easy to find and easy to play, the kids will love competing with each other over whose story was funnier.

7. Contests

With multiple children, providing some sort of contest is generally a good rule of thumb. They will be interested in winning and beating out their sibling that they will have no time to be bored. Whether it is a marshmallow-catching contest or water balloon contest, the kids will put forth their full energy.

8. Host A Tea Party

Boys will not be as into this, but girls will enjoy having grown up tea and dainty sandwiches, bring their make believe tea parties to life.

So, for the next rainy day, be sure to utilize these ideas and curb any boredom your child throws your way.

Image Source: www.whattoexpect.co


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