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6 Creepiest Places on Earth


There are places in this world that are far more scary than anything you could ever watch on a movie. These places are probably the main source of thinking for some of those horror films, I’m sure. I mean.. there are places that just make you SHUDDER at the sheer thought of EVER having to step foot there. Am I right?

Creepiness might not mean the SAME definition to all of us, but we can all agree that the places listed below are just MORE than strange.


1. Aokigahara Suicide Forest 



Aokigahara Forest is also known as Suicide Forest and labeled “the perfect place to die”. It lies at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan and is extremely dense without hardly any wildlife whatsoever. It’s known for being exceptionally quiet and spooky.


This forest is well known in Japanese mythology to have demons. There have been approximately 100 suicides in the forest each year. So many that Japanese officials have put signs up that say “think of your family” and “please seek help”.


Yearly searches have been conducted for bodies since 1970, the highest body count was in 2003 at 103. How creepy is that? Yearly searches looking for people who have gone into the forest to hang themselves or overdose. Dead Bodies. EVERYWHERE. Jeez.

This started as far back as the 1950’s. Japanese spiritualists think that the spirits of those who committed suicide here live in the trees. So when people wander in, the spirits keep them from EVER coming back out.  That isn’t even counting that the forest is supposedly haunted by those who have died there. Even creepier.

The worst part is that the forest workers have to pack these decomposing bodies down the hill to the station. The bodies are then placed in a room specifically for those who have committed suicide. THEN to make it worse one of the forest workers must SLEEP in the room with the body.

The Japanese think that it’s bad luck for the ghost of the deceased to stay alone. If they ARE left alone, they say the soul screams and the body moves by itself. Don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon.. lol.


2. Catacombs of Paris


pic source

17th and 18th century Paris wasn’t really the picture of healthy living. There were so many dead bodies in the cemetery that the decomposition was flowing into the water supply. YES.. you can guess how unbelievably gross that is. Drinking dead body juice. eww.


pic source

So to keep Paris healthy and sanitation free the Catacombs of Paris was created. It is an underground ossuary that holds the bodies of about six million people. That is A LOT of bodies, sheesh. As you can see they are stacked very neatly on top of each other. I’m glad I didn’t have to help build it, I’d be throwing up from fear.


3. Hellingly Asylum (Hellingly Hospital)


pic source

Hellingly Hospital is formerly known as the East Sussex County Asylum. It was a large psychiatric hospital close to the village of Hellingly. We aren’t just talking about a building, they built an entire community that was basically self-contained. They even had their own railway to bring patients in and out, and to deliver supplies.


pic source

Once a state of the art mental institution, Hellingly was 63 acres of pure creepiness. It wasn’t abandoned until about 1994, but since then it’s slid into total destruction. WITH the help of vandals, but it looks extremely hellish.

And if there ARE ghosts who roam this planet, I would imagine the worst place to run into one would be at an abandoned mental hospital. Yea, meeting some off-their-rocker psychotic mess who might be seeking revenge.. now there’s somewhere to plan visiting in the dark! <Yea right!

There’s NO way I’d ever stay a night in there by myself. NOT even for a million bucks. People mentally disturbed turned into ghosts? No thanks! Oh and did I mention they had an entire nursery? Ghost babies… I’ll pass.

There are tons of personal stories about the hospital here


4. Isla de las Munecas



Isla de las Munecas, or Island of the Dolls is located in a swamp just south of Mexico City. This is a tourist attraction that was never meant to be one. This Island is the home to hundreds of creepy little dolls. The caretaker of the Island, Don Julian Santana Barrera is the reason behind these dolls.


This Island and the dolls are dedicated to a little girl that lost her life due to mysterious circumstances surrounding a drowning. Don (the caretaker) found the little girl drowned, then a little later found the floating doll. He hung the doll in a tree as dedication to the girl.

He was very troubled by the fact that he couldn’t save the girls life. He started hanging more and more dolls.. a total of almost 50 years. Julian was said to be found drowned exactly in the same spot the little girl was.. extremely weird!


These dolls even look horrendous in the daylight, I’d hate to see this place in the dark. The dolls are randomly placed in trees, hanging. Some of these dolls have no arms & legs, some are decapitated, and creepy little eyes.

They say the dolls are possessed by her spirit. There have been witnesses that claim some very strange things. Some say they seen the dolls move while others heard them whispering. And even stranger “the dolls tried to lure us in”..

I’ll skip this one too.

Read more about the Island of the Dolls here


5. Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre)



This is a cave in Belize that just creeps me out. When you watch the Mummy or Indiana Jones and you see skeletons strategically placed.. that’s what this cave looks like. There are more than several skeleton bodies scattered around in there.

The picture above is a skeleton inside the cave whom is called “The Crystal Maiden.” This is a skeleton of a young teenage girl who was possibly a sacrifice victim. Her bones have been calcified and they look sparkling and crystallized.

This cave is known to be a sacrifice spot for the Mayans, so bad juju is possibly everywhere. Sacrificing children make it even creepier. There’s no way I’d visit this place. No way! It wasn’t discovered until 1989, and was viewable by the public by 1998. They give tours through the cave. Nope. Not this girl.


6.The Sedlec Ossuary-Church of Bones


Can  you imagine what it would be like to walk into a “church” made of 40,000 peoples bones? Yes, bones. No, I’m not kidding. The Sedlac Ossuary is also known as the Church of Bones, and probably one of the weirdest things ever. It is located in the Czech Republic.


The inside of this medieval gothic style church is decorated with the bones of 40,000 people, They even have a giant chandelier made out of human bones, which is creepy. I think I’ll keep far away from here.. but they do offer tours if YOU are interested.

Have you ever visited any creepy places? Was it creepier than you thought?





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