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Monday, August 11, 2014

ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage With the New ACE™ Brand Clip #Reveal #ACEBrand

Disclosure: I was provided a product for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and my own.

If you've ever had a sprain or a strain, then you know what an ACE Brand Bandage is. More than likely you've used one before, or know someone who has. The ACE Brand Bandage has been around for a long time, actually 1918 to be exact.

The older ACE Brand Bandages look like the one above. They were khaki colored and came with  metal clips. The bandages were amazing quality, worked well, but the metal clips weren't so great.

The metal clips were always frustrating to me. The metal clip had those pesky "metal teeth" that didn't seem to stick anything but my fingers. Every. Single. Time.

The metal clip would bend over time causing the clip teeth to snag on clothes and pinch fingers. Some people just skipped the teeth and secured the bandage with safety pins.

ACE Brand has released a NEW and improved ACE Brand Bandage with ACE™ Brand Clip. It's everything the original bandage is and more. I always loved the older one, just wished for a better clip. Well ACE Brand totally delivered on this one. The new clip is plastic and snaps into place securely.

The new clip makes it easier to get just the right amount of tightness. The bandage holds firmly yet doesn't feel like it's cutting off blood flow. It makes getting stuff done 10 times easier because it isn't falling off or too snug. It gives you the freedom to move around while providing the right amount of support.

The ACE Brand Bandages are good for anything and everything. Whether you have a sprained wrist or ankle, a pulled muscle, a bad back or a bad knee. It can even be used to hold ice packs in place.

You don't have to worry about pinching your fingers or getting the clip caught on your clothes. I love that the  ACE Brand Bandage makes snapping the bandage into place so much easier and quicker. I don't have to fight to snap this clip into place. Have you ever tried to hold a bandage and clip safety pins on it with one hand? Not fun, huh?

You don't have to fight with those safety pins anymore!

Connect with ACE™ Brand on their Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. 

If you ever need help trying to figure out how their product works, you can always watch a tutorial on the ACE Brand YouTube Page

Check out this series of funny videos featuring “Arthur, ACE™ Brand Motivational Sportsgent” talking about how ACE™ Brand has “Fixed the Clip!”

Video #1: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: "Unleash The Lions"
Video #2: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: "To the Sport"
Video #3: We Fixed the Clip with Motivational Sportsgent, Arthur: "Did he Mean Lost"

What have you had to use the ACE Brand Bandage for? Are you liking the new look?



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