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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Homework Help 101: 8 Websites for Getting Help #BacktoSchool

School is starting back next week for us. I can’t believe summer is already almost over, it’s flown by that’s for sure. What about when you have kids that need motivation or help with their school work?

I’ve complied a list of some pretty amazing websites that you’ll want to bookmark. These will probably save your sanity a little (you can thank me later, lol). I’ve tried to cover anything they may need help with.




The Keybr website is a web application that will help you learn touch typing. Touch typing is the ability to type without needing to look at the keys. If this is a kill that you haven’t mastered yet, this website is perfect for you. It will help you improve your typing speed and accuracy!




Spreeder Ii s a website dedicated to helping you learn how to speed read. Most people can only read as fast as they speak, which is how they learn in school. This website helps  you break that cycle. You’ll be speed reading in absolutely no time at all. Give it a try.




Having trouble with the period table? Don’t worry, me too. Ptable is basically an interactive table of elements. Every single element is clickable. When you click on it a box filled with information about that element pops up. How awesome!


Anything and everything that you need to know about any element EVER! How is that for helping? I wish I’d had this when I was in high school.




English was always my favorite subject in school (obviously), I loved writing but wasn’t so great at rhyming. One website I wish I had is Rhymer. The Rhymer website is a free dictionary that list words that rhyme with the word you put in the box. Have a poem to write, Rhymer is totally there for you!




Have a stack of books that you don’t know what to do with? Looking for more books to read? Bored with the ones you already have? Ever thought about swapping them in? PaperBackSwap connects you with other people who would like to swap their books! There are SO many amazing books just waiting for you! Enjoy trading Hardbacks, Audio Books, Textbooks and more



Struggling with math? This website CoolMath4U covers everything from addition to fractals. The websites make a game out of math that way it’s more interactive. When a kid is given a fun learning option, it makes them actually want to do it. PLUS, they remember better!

For Older Kids you can visit the CoolMath sister website.




Researching and writing a paper can be very difficult. Not the actual writing part, but making sure none of the words are plagiarized and everything is cited correctly is an entirely different story. If you aren’t that great at grammar, getting everything just so could also be a challenge. WriteCheck will check both!



When you go online to search for something do you keep finding yourself wasting time? YES, I’m talking to you.. Do you end up on Facebook and Youtube? The KeepMeOut website is designed to keep you away from all those sites that waste your time for however long you tell it too. It will warn you if you’ve visited those sites too many times.! Back to work! Now! lol


I hope this helps you (and your sanity) out. I will be adding to this through the year.. so keep check! Have any awesome sites you’d like to see on the list?




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